WWE news: Mandy Rose angers fans by tweeting about Otis following Elimination Chamber match

WWE almost lost thousands of fans due to the love story between Bobby Lashley and Lana, but they have proven that they can do scripted love right after all.

Just when Lana and Lashley’s feud with Rusev was coming to a close, the ‘romance’ between Mandy Rose and Otis of Heavy Machinery was heating up on SmackDown.

Immediately it was one of those situations where you just have to root for Otis as you’d never expect him to get a woman like Mandy Rose to fall for him, and fans quickly became invested.

But the good guy always has to suffer in WWE, and thanks to the meddling Dolph Ziggler, Mandy’s eyes have seemingly been taken off the lovable Otis and have become locked onto WWE’s resident show-off.

After offering Otis a date on Valentines Day, Mandy ended up eating with Ziggler instead after Otis ‘turned up late’, and the mystery behind a text being sent from Rose’s phone has still not been solved.

However since Valentines Day, Ziggler has been appearing in more segments with Mandy every week, and unfortunately she’s entertaining his attention.

Ziggler and Otis found themselves locked in the same Elimination Chamber though, but Otis was only briefly able to get his hands on his love rival – and then disaster struck.

Otis went crashing through the plexiglass of one of the Chamber pods as he tried to charge at Ziggler, and the force made him crash right to the outside of the Chamber – something that’s never ever happened before.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Mandy followed it up with a tweet stating: “Otis is always thick-headed! It just cost him this match. Dolph and Robert are that much closer. #JustSaying.”

Not only did it not make much sense as Ziggler and Roode were eliminated just minutes later, but she received a lot of backlash for her insult towards Otis – just click HERE to see some of the replies, most of them aren’t too complimentary!

It does show though that the fans are completely invested in the story that is transpiring, and it helps that Otis is funny and goofy at the same time.

Mandy and Dolph will no doubt continue to rile the WWE Universe [in character of course], and we are hoping and praying that this gets settled at WrestleMania 36.

A singles match between Otis and Dolph needs to take place for the affections of Mandy Rose – and we need to see Otis finally land the woman of his dreams after four tough months of battling!

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