Pubs could be banned from showing Premier League football due to coronavirus outbreak

It seems only a matter of time until Premier League fixtures are impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Players and officials are already banned from engaging in the traditional pre-match handshake and it is expected that games will have to be played behind-closed-doors sooner rather than later.

As we reported earlier, Liverpool officials are deeply concerned that the club will be unable to celebrate winning the Premier League title in front of their fans due to fears over the new disease.

Football fixtures across the globe have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, with Serie A games in Italy to be played behind-closed-doors up until April 3 – the matches may even be postponed entirely up till that date.

The ramifications of a similar scenario unfolding in England would be huge and it could even mean that fans are unable to watch their team in action on television in the pub.

Officials are aware that hordes of supporters flocking to pubs instead of being allowed into stadiums reflects a far more potent risk of spreading the new coronavirus.

According to The Times, one official at a meeting said: “There was probably more risk of the virus spreading in packed pubs than in open air stadia.”

A senior administrator also told the The Times: “It will be an open conversation about what we can all do to help, should it become necessary.

“If you look at things logically, I can see broadcasters being asked to make events free-to-air and block signals into pubs.”

Journalist Martyn Ziegler has confirmed that the Saturday 3pm blackout currently present in the UK would be lifted if fans were banned from entering Premier League stadiums.

Today, it was confirmed that all games in Ligue 1 will be played either behind-closed-doors or with a maximum of 1000 fans present up until April 15.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday will be played with no supporters in the ground and other Champions League games – including Barcelona vs Napoli – could follow suit.

It seems all but a certainty that the Premier League will have to act a similar manner before the end of the season and Euro 2020 will surely be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak as well.

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