WWE news: Winners and losers from Elimination Chamber 2020

Elimination Chamber exceeded expectations. With the show now in the books, WWE is driving fast on the road to WrestleMania.

Although there has been some mixed reaction to Elimination Chamber, the show served its purpose, which was to introduce new storylines for WrestleMania, as well as add to those that already existed.

Whether it be the impressive spots in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, or the methodical wrestling of Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak, or the sheer dominance of Shayna Baszler, Elimination Chamber had something for everyone.

Last night’s Elimination Chamber show put over several superstars ahead of this year’s Showcase of Immortals. However, it also had some moments which made superstars look like they’ve hit a roadblock as they travel towards WWE’s biggest show of the year.

Here are some winners and losers from WWE’s Elimination Chamber show.

Winner – Shayna Baszler

The biggest winner coming out of Elimination Chamber is, without question, Shayna Baszler, as she achieved more than just a win on the night.

Not only did The Queen of Spades win the Women’s Elimination Chamber match, but she also did it in dominating fashion as well, eliminating all the other superstars in the match to win.

She is the first superstar in WWE history to win a Chamber match by eliminating every single other superstar in the match.

This dominating performance has given Baszler some much-needed hype at just the right time before her storyline with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch for their match at WrestleMania 36 officially gets underway.

Loser – Braun Strowman

One of the biggest losers coming out of Elimination Chamber is Braun Strowman, but it’s no fault of his own.

Time and time again, WWE wants the fans to believe Strowman is a Monster Among Men, but time and time again, they book him in the complete opposite way they should.

Elimination Chamber was Braun’s first Intercontinental Championship defense since he won the title at the end of January, and once again, WWE made him look like he wasn’t a monster.

Fingers crossed WWE has something bigger planned for him at WrestleMania, as he has the size, strength, and most importantly, the charisma, needed to be a success, so he should be booked in a better spot than what he was at Elimination Chamber.

Winner – Sami Zayn

From that same Intercontinental Championship match, Sami Zayn was another winner coming out of Elimination Chamber.

After being on the main roster for almost four years, the former NXT Champion finally captured a main roster title when he pinned Braun Strowman to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Many fans will argue that Zayn has been underutilized by WWE since his move away from NXT, as he’s one of the best talkers in the company and is a fantastic in-ring worker.

Now as Intercontinental Champion, Zayn has a great opportunity to show the decision-makers in WWE exactly what he can do in the ring and on the mic as a champion.

Loser – Seth Rollins

Another loser coming out of Elimination Chamber is Seth Rollins, but this actually may be an indication that one part of his Monday Night Messiah gimmick is coming to an end.

Over the past couple of weeks, Rollins has been tagging with Murphy on Raw to some success, as they did win the Raw Tag Team Championship, only to lose them on Raw last week to The Street Profits.

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford retained the Raw Tag Team Championship at Elimination Chamber, with a little help from Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders removing the AOP from ringside.

Overall, the match felt like a repeat of what happened on Raw, with Rollins biting the bullet for his team with the key spot in the match being executed on him. How he didn’t know Owens might be behind him again after the match following what happened earlier in the week is anyone’s guess.

Winner – Drew Gulak

Despite losing to Daniel Bryan in the Elimination Chamber’s opening match, Drew Gulak actually left the show as a winner.

Gulak hasn’t been handed a lot of opportunities to showcase his skills inside the ring for WWE outside of the Cruiserweight division. Elimination Chamber was his first shot at doing just that, and Bryan was the perfect opponent.

Messing up this opportunity would have likely resulted in Gulak being thrown into the abyss of WWE booking, but he delivered, putting on a true wrestling clinic with Bryan in the ring which fans enjoyed.

As a result, we should see a lot more of Gulak on SmackDown moving forward, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for him as WWE approaches their biggest show of the year.

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