Floyd Mayweather is reportedly 'very interested' in buying a major share of Newcastle United

Newcastle United have been begging for a change of ownership for years.

Mike Ashley brought the club in 2007 but Newcastle fans quickly become disillusioned with the lack of funds he was willing to invest in the team.

Fast forward 13 years and Ashley is still the owner, despite multiple protests demanding that he sells.

There were talks that he was going to sell to a consortium led by Amanda Staveley in 2018, but their bid fell through.

Ashley has admitted he is willing to sell the club though and if reports are to be believed, one of the most recognisable athletes in the world could be close to buying the club.

In a Q&A at the 02 City Hall in Newcastle, Mayweather was asked whether he would be interested in buying the team.

He responded: “In the U.S. we call it soccer, but the Newcastle football team is an unbelievable team. A hell of a team.”

He then smiled and told the crowd, “If the people want me to buy the Newcastle team, let me know!”

That comment led to cheers erupting from those in attendance.

Now, this could be interpreted as Mayweather just having a joke around.

But TMZ claim to have called up Mayweather’s team and asked whether his claims were genuine.

And, they claim that the American is in fact ‘very interested’ of buying a ‘major stake’ in the team.

Mayweather has reportedly earned over $1 billion in his career and is estimated to be worth around £760 million.

He will have absolutely no problems in taking over from Ashley should he choose to do so.

Ashley has been said to be asking for £300 million to take over the club, meaning Mayweather has enough money to buy the club and then invest in the playing team.

It’s all just rumours at the moment but stay tuned. It sounds like Mayweather may actually try and buy Newcastle.

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