Every Premier League manager's predicted job in 10 years' time

The Premier League will be a very different place when 2030 rolls around.

Ten years is a long time when it comes to just about everything, but such is the fast-moving pace of the beautiful game that you can guarantee it will look very different with each decade.

So, trying to predict what the Premier League will be like in 2030 is incredibly difficult, not to mention going into specific details like the futures of certain managers.

But come on, predicting things in sport is just so irresistibly fun and the team at HITC Sport couldn’t resist dusting off their crystal ball for a wild shot at the dark on their YouTube channel.

That’s because The Irish Guy took on the unenviable task of forecasting which clubs the current 20 Premier League managers will be coaching in 10 years’ time, if any at all.


You can check out the full video down below, but keep scrolling for our full breakdown and analysis on where Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and co will be plying their trade in 2030.

Mikel Arteta

Current club: Arsenal

Predicted 2030 club: Barcelona B

While, yes, we concur with The Irish Guy’s suspicions that people are getting too excited about Arteta, there’s more than enough evidence to suggest he could become a top, top coach.

But even if he does turn out to become a middle-of-the-road manager, the Spaniard is far more likely to chase a number one role anywhere in the world rather than settle for a second-rate job at Barcelona.

Dean Smith

Current club: Aston Villa

Predicted 2030 club: Walsall

The Irish Guy makes a very good point about how much changes in 10 years of football, highlighting that only three of the Premier League managers from 2010 are still coaching in the division.

So, suggesting that Smith will be sent tumbling down the leagues is no real criticism and reuniting with Walsall definitely makes sense by the time he’s approaching his 60th birthday.

Eddie Howe

Current club: Bournemouth

Predicted 2030 club: Charlton Athletic

With the Cherries on the cusp of relegation back to the Championship, we join The Irish Guy in doubting that Howe, as evergreen as he is, will be embarking on a 32rd season at the club in 2030.

So, while there doesn’t seem to be any real logic behind choosing Charlton, it makes sense that Howe will be barking orders from a technical area in the middle regions of the second tier.

Graham Potter

Current club: Brighton & Hove Albion

Predicted 2030 club: Reading

Despite doing a relatively decent job at the Amex Stadium and improving Brighton’s brand of football, nobody is getting weak at the knees about Potter’s coaching in the Premier League.

As a result, you’ve got to think that Potter will stay at a similar level or retreat back to the Championship, at which point managing Reading isn’t from without the realms of possibility.

Sean Dyche

Current club: Burnley

Predicted 2030 club: Millwall

We think The Irish Guy could be on to something by suggesting that Burnley, like Stoke City ten years before them, will eventually grow tired of their brand of football and amicably part ways with Dyche further down the line.

But we’re inclined to think that Dyche is a superior manager to Tony Pulis and although he won’t be managing any of the big guns in 2030, we reckon he’ll be a Premier League coach nonetheless.

And, yes, that does mean we don’t think Millwall will be in the top flight in ten years’ time. Sorry.

Frank Lampard

Current club: Chelsea

Predicted 2030 club: Inter Miami

Interesting. Roman Abramovich has sacked 12 managers in the last 17 years, including World Cup and Champions League winners, so it would be pretty brazen to predict that Lampard will still be in charge by 2030.

And with his managerial credentials still a little unclear, predicting that he’ll use his MLS contacts and friendship with David Beckham to manage Inter Miami down the line doesn’t seem outrageous.

Roy Hodgson

Current club: Crystal Palace

Predicted: Retired

Please let this be correct, for the love of God. The Irish Guy is so confident this prediction is correct that he’s offered to ‘eat a stray cat live on camera’ if he’s wide of the mark.

Hodgson has proven time after time that he’s a perfect manager for mid-table Premier League teams, but the poor guy deserves a break and we hope he doesn’t have to bark out orders at 82.

Carlo Ancelotti

Current club: Everton

Predicted 2030 club: Parma

There can be no denying that Ancelotti’s career is on the decline after unsuccessful spells with Bayern Munich and Napoli, never mind managing the likes of Fabian Delph and Alex Iwobi.

So, yes, we do agree that Ancelotti will probably have dipped even further than mid-table Premier League sides; we just think he’d rather retire than stoop to a team who could be playing in Serie B. 

Brendan Rodgers

Current club: Leicester City

Predicted 2030 club: Ajax

The Irish Guy has gone incredibly in-depth with this prediction by claiming that Rodgers will manage Arsenal, Newcastle and Wolves over the course of the decade. Neither, to be fair, seem unrealistic.

And we respect the educated guess that Rodgers will have become tired of England and will angle for a job at Ajax, especially considering his open admiration for Dutch football over the years.

Jurgen Klopp

Current club: Liverpool

Predicted 2030 club: Real Madrid

It’s not unfeasible to think that Klopp might retire from management by the time he’s finished at Liverpool and The Irish Guy is forecasting a sabbatical for the German a la Guardiola in 2012.

We’re unsure about the idea that he’ll be tempted back by Real, though. The club simply doesn’t fit the usual profile that Klopp looks for in a club and he’d likely wait around for the right offer.

Pep Guardiola 

Current club: Manchester City

Predicted 2030 club: Barcelona

Like us, The Irish Guy just has a feeling that Guardiola will return to Barcelona one day and it would be fascinating to see how he performs in the dugout when Lionel Messi has long hung up his boots.

That’s not to mention the fact, if the predictions come true, that Guardiola and Klopp would be tussling for domestic dominance in a THIRD country. We’d certainly pay to see that.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Current club: Manchester United

Predicted 2030 club: Celtic

Will Solskjaer attract big, big clubs when he leaves United? We can’t see it and while the Norwegian is slowly turning things around at Old Trafford, it’s largely down to his connection to the club.

Therefore, Celtic seems the right sort of level for Solskjaer and the Glaswegians have shown a penchant for coaches connected with United after being linked to David Moyes and Roy Keane.

Steve Bruce

Current club: Newcastle United

Predicted 2030 club: Hebei China Fortune

We love this prediction so, so much. Bruce will probably be sick to the stomach of managing clubs near the foot of the Premier League in 10 years’ time and we could hardly blame him for taking a payday.

Therefore, it doesn’t seem impossible that Hebei China Fortune will take a second gamble on a British coach after their doomed relationship with Chris Coleman and give ‘Brucey’ a try in the dugout.

Daniel Farke

Current club: Norwich City

Predicted 2030 club: Unable to get a job

Now, this is very cruel. Although Farke’s first season in the Premier League has been an unmitigated disaster, his attractive brand of football is sure to seduce suitors further down the line.

But where we do understand the decision is when The Irish Guy points out that 2010 managers like Steve Kean, Gérard Houllier and Harry Redknapp are now completely out of the picture.

That being said, we just don’t think Farke is the most likely candidate to fall by the wayside.

Chris Wilder

Current club: Sheffield United

Predicted 2030 club: Blackburn Rovers

We think Wilder has been badly underrated here. To suggest that the man who’s nearly delivered Champions League football for Sheffield United is ‘the Tony Pulis of his era’ seems rather harsh.

Then again, there’s nothing overly cruel about suggesting Wilder will still be a Premier League boss in 10 years’ time, a big achievement for anyone, albeit at an eventually-promoted Blackburn.

Ralph Hasenhüttl

Current club: Southampton

Predicted 2030 club: Bayern Munich (interim)

If this prediction comes true, then we’re going to ask The Irish Guy for the lottery numbers because this requires Hasenhüttl to be waiting in the wings in case Bayern sack their manager for the 2029/30 season.

The current Saints boss doesn’t sound like the worst shout in the world to steady the ship at Bayern for six months, but that would require his career to pick up in a way we can’t envisage over the next 10 years.

Jose Mourinho

Current club: Tottenham Hotspur

Predicted 2030 club: Portugal

One of the more obvious predictions on the list. Mourinho’s managerial career has slowly been going downhill since his Chelsea return and Manchester United foray went up in the smoke.

And not only has Mourinho voiced his ambitions to manage Portugal in the future, it makes practical sense as he looks to unwind his career, clubs become less interested and, well, 2030 is a World Cup year.

Nigel Pearson

Current club: Watford

Predicted 2030 club: Mumbai City

Why does this prediction ring so, so true? Indian football has become a strange, niche magnet for British coaches over the last decade with Kean, Teddy Sheringham and Owen Coyle all moving there.

So, Mumbai City reaching out for Pearson at the start of the next decade isn’t as ridiculous as it might sound and his time with Oud-Heverlee Leuven proves he isn’t against working overseas.

David Moyes

Current club: West Ham United

Predicted 2030 club: Al-Rayyan

Something tells us that Moyes wouldn’t be too keen on swapping the mild-to-cold temperatures of the UK for the blistering heat of Qatar, but stranger things have happened.

Plus, faith in Moyes seems to be running thin after his career has effectively imploded post-Everton and it’s hard to see him in the West Ham technical area beyond the summer. So, who knows?

Nuno Espirito Santo

Current club: Wolverhampton Wanderers

Predicted 2030 club: Paris Saint-Germain

Santo might have been blessed with an abundance of riches at Molineux, but make no mistake that his coaching has a played a massive role in them becoming dark horse for the top four.

Combine that with the fact that PSG have history of hiring top-level managers who just fall short of being world-class and Santo inheriting the reins at Parc des Princes looks like a solid shout.

GIVEMESPORT’s Kobe Tong says

I’ve got to give it to The Irish Guy, I think there’s some great shouts here.

So many of the predictions have been wisely based upon the vast amount of change over the last 10 years and just how quickly managerial careers can go tumbling downhill.

Plus, let’s be honest, certain shouts like Solskjaer to Celtic, Guardiola back to Barcelona, Potter to Reading and even Bruce Hebei China Fortune just ring true.

What we do disagree with, though, is the idea that Klopp would move to a club in Real that would just seem so clinical and dispassionate compared to his previous suitors Liverpool and Dortmund.

But what I do know for sure is that it won’t be down to a lack of effort from Los Blancos. In your dreams, Madridistas.

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