Elimination Chamber: Daniel Bryan has wardrobe nightmare at WWE pay-per-view

Daniel Bryan has had a few unforgettable moments in the WWE.

That special night at WrestleMania 30, returning from what was meant to be a career-ending injury, and meeting his future wife and mother of his child just to name a few.

However, last night he added a new unforgettable moment to add to his collection and we’re not talking about a win over Drew Gulak.

Bryan took on Gulak in a singles match as he looked to continue his road to WrestleMania in strong fashion, but funnily enough, his fashion is what attracted the most attention in this match. This came after Daniel’s privates had eliminated themselves from the chamber of his trunks so to say.

This came to the attention of many a viewer as Bryan’s gonads had decided they too wanted to share the limelight, and they were helped largely due to Gulak’s excessive amount of trunk pulling when preforming some moves.

The most notable of ball-sighting came when Gulak hit Bryan with a Superplex from the top rope, giving the audience in the Wells Fargo Center, and at home, a good ol’ view of Bryan’s bulge… lovely.

Luckily for Bryan, though, his costume was the only thing that balls’ed up and he went on to be victorious, defeating Gulak by submission.

By the time he had secured the win, unfortunately for Bryan, some fans were already to the specta’ball’ that they had just witnessed and took to Twitter to make sure it wasn’t just them who had seen it.


Perhaps Bryan can take some pleasure in knowing that he isn’t the only one to scar a live audience recently, as Bear Grylls managed to accidentally reveal just about everything on Instagram the other day.

Bryan, however, can’t delete the show from the WWE Network, so we can only hope the WWE team can edit the footage to privatise Bryan’s privates for the on-demand version of Elimination Chamber.

Never mind, Daniel. It’s happened to others in the past, and it will certainly happen again.

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