WWE news: Drew McIntyre crushed Erick Rowan's ridiculous spider to death on Raw

With Paul Heyman now running the ship for Monday Night Raw, he apparently has a group of superstars who he sees as projects and is looking to push in 2020.

They include the likes of Buddy Murphy, Aleister Black and Andrade, but Vince McMahon is the one that gets the final say, and he’s reportedly had big plans for one superstar recently.

Erick Rowan is the man in question, but if you thought the big boss had huge plans for him, you wouldn’t have known it.

Ever since the beginning of November, Rowan had been bringing a covered cage to ringside, and week-after-week he would end up squashing one jobber after another, with no real competition in sight.

Last week though his storyline took a bit of a turn, and it came after back-to-back losses to Aleister Black, and even before that whatever was in his cage was distracting him in matches and had decided to bite him several times.

Rowan decided to reveal the contents of his cage to No Way Jose backstage last week – and it turned out to be a giant mechanical spider.

But it looks like WWE have made a quick decision based on the reaction to last week’s grand reveal, which was pretty much entirely negative.

Big Red saw himself up against Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre on Raw last night, but the Scottish Psychopath decided to anger Rowan by taking the steel steps to his cage and crushing it – and the spider inside.

WWE could swerve us and have the spider NOT be inside the cage at that very moment, but considering many thought it looked ridiculous, we can assume that the spider isn’t coming back.

It was very much an unneeded gimmick that Rowan was saddled with anyway, and these kind of ‘mysteries’ hardly ever have a positive ending.

With the amount of losses he’s taken in recent weeks, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear soon that Vince has soured on the push of Rowan, and he may end up being lost in the shuffle once again.

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