UFC news: Logan Paul gets knocked out by an undefeated UFC fighter

After suffering an embarrassing loss to fellow YouTuber KSI back in November, Logan Paul has made the logical decision of moving from the boxing ring to the Octagon.

Makes sense, right?

Unsurprisingly, soon after trying his hand at mixed martial arts, we already have a video of the Maverick being ‘knocked out’ by a professional UFC fighter. 

The YouTube sensation shared a video online from his recent sparring session with professional MMA fighter Paulo Costa at the UFC performance institute in Las Vegas, and it appears his training went as well as his fight with KSI.

To be fair to Paul, he does manage to land a few shots on his opponent, but his success is quickly ended with a swift right hook to the face from the Brazilian, which leaves the American internet sensation landing face down on the mat and seemingly out for the count.

Paul explains in the video: “This morning we came here to the UFC performance institute. Apparently they want me to spar a guy by the name of Paulo Costa.

“He’s not a human, he’s a bear – he’s 13 and 0 undefeated UFC fighter.

“I don’t think he liked the way I looked at him at dinner last night or something – but it’s a good thing I’m a professional boxer now who’s 0 and 1, goddammit.

“They put the headgear on me, not him. That’s how you know I’m f***ed.”

You can watch the sparring from 02:40 onwards in the below video.

Some viewers don’t buy the story, though.

Looking at the knockout footage in slow motion, it seems that Costa landed the punch on Paul’s left shoulder rather than in the head like the dramatic knockdown suggests. In fact, it’s not even clear that Costa made any contact with the American at all, so as usual with the Paul brothers, take everything you see with a pinch of salt.

Despite recieving an absolute battering, Costa’s trainer praised Paul, revealing that he had actually impressed him during the grappling session and that he believes that he has what it takes to make it. 

He said: “You’re gonna do MMA for sure. You know how to fight.”

Costa himself added: “Ninety per cent of guys who go to train MMA have good technique, but not hard spirit, not big heart you know. You have both.”

We’re not sure how eager any of us really are to see Logan Paul get demolished in a contact sport again, but we suppose if it offers a lot of money and the chance to stay relevant for just a bit longer, there’s no reason why Paul won’t take up this opportunity.

Good luck to him, he’s going to need it.

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