Jurgen Klopp tore apart a journalist in his press conference before Liverpool vs Atletico

Jurgen Klopp is a jovial character.

The German manager comes across as a likeable person who gets on with both Liverpool players and their fans.

You’ll struggle to find a Liverpool supporter that dislikes him; even some rivals fans can’t get enough of him.

But he also has a short temper and has lost his cool on multiple occasions.

That was shown on the weekend when, following his side scoring against Bournemouth, Klopp directed his celebrations at an official. Earlier, he was angry about the goal given against his side and he could face an FA charge for his actions.

And a member of the media bore the brunt of Klopp’s anger in his press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Klopp and Andy Robertson both spoke to the media ahead of their Champions League last-16 second-leg against Atletico Madrid.

The German was asked a question regarding the Coronavirus by a journalist who lived in Spain. 

The journalist asked whether Klopp was afraid that his players could get the virus if they continued to play football. That’s when Klopp snapped. 

The 52-year-old paused for a moment, before saying: “Playing football is just a game. We are all part of the society and we should all be worried.

“That’s exactly the thing I don’t like. You sit here and ask me this question but fly from Madrid to here. 

“You think that football is worth it to travel. That’s the situation. That’s our problem, the common problem.

“We cannot solve it with football. We play football, that’s what we have to do. Your job is to transport information and I hope you do it better than you ask questions to be honest.

“That’s the moment I really get angry. When you give me a feeling that I have a problem which you don’t have. We all have the same problem.”

Klopp and the journalist then exchanged words but it was Klopp who had the last say.

Well said, Jurgen. The German earlier said that he will respect any decision made regarding the virus. 

“It’s not about me as a manager, it’s about being a human being. Some things are more important than football and we realised that in this moment.

“We need time to find a solution for that. I don’t know enough. Whatever will be decided, we will respect.

“It’s clear that we will accept that but I don’t know how much sense it will make in this moment. That is how it is.”

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