Mike Tyson makes cameo appearance in eye-catching Eminem music video

  • Tom Kelly

Mike Tyson has to be one of the greatest boxers to ever grace the sport but after such a successful career, it isn’t uncommon for sporting stars to find themselves a little lost following retirement.

Nonetheless, Tyson clearly doesn’t fall into this category. 

The former heavyweight world champion recently made an appearance in Eminem’s new track ‘Godzilla’.

24 hours since its release to YouTube, the video has already attracted 20 million views and the fans appear to approve of Tyson’s cameo. 

The video was directed by Cole Bennett and provides a new-abstract style which we necessarily haven’t seen before in Eminem’s videos. Quite stereotypically, Tyson launches into the video by punching Eminem and knocking him to the ground. 

Unsurprisingly, Eminem collapsed to the floor and after waking up from his knock-out blow, Tyson said: 

“Em, is that you? Ah, I ain’t mean that.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me, f*ck,” as Tyson holds his head in his hands. 

With his seemingly lifeless body laid across the ground, the next scene cuts to Eminem laying in a hospital bed with a bruised face and a brace supporting his neck.

Clearly a joke, however, Tyson’s previous opponents probably wouldn’t find the funny side having suffered Mike’s devastating blows in the boxing ring. 

Rather poetically, an alternate version of Eminem acted as the doctor while alongside him and offering medical assistant was none other than Dr Dre.

Tyson later made another appearance as he comically tries to help Eminem and Dr Dre by attempting to place a miniature plaster on the face of the wounded-version of Eminem.

Aside from the playful manner this music video had throughout, Eminem did take the opportunity to pay his respects to Jarrad ‘JUICE WRLD’ Higgins, who featured on ‘Godzilla’ but unfortunately passed away in the latter months of 2019.

 The final credits read: “You will be loved forever. You will be here forever. Thank you for changing the world. 999 forever.”

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