Women's Lifestyle: Meet Takesha Ajeon, a personal trainer building her own fitness brand 'TaKeepFit'

Takesha Ajeon, 21, is one of only three female personal trainers in her local gym, though this doesn’t stop her from committing to the fitness realm – she owns it.

Besides being a fully qualified personal trainer, Takesha is also the co-founder of FitFemLdn – a fitness space for young women. Not only that, she is currently building a fitness brand ‘TaKeepFit’ as well as working as a Nike Training Camp Pro trainer.

Speaking of her early influences, Takesha credits her Dad for her involvement in sport: “Growing up I’ve always done sport. My Dad has always put me in something. I’ve done football, gymnastics, diving – you name it.

“My Dad is a very sports driven man, right now he has his own football team, and it’s just in the blood,” she says.

Takesha’s drive for sports at a young age has helped to develop her into an active woman, as she now encourages and motivates her clients to live a healthy lifestyle.

In order to make her clients feel comfortable in the gym, she explains: “Everybody’s [fitness] journey is different and what I tend to do with my one-to-ones is to take them in [the weights room] during the not-so-busy periods.

“I make them feel comfortable on the gym floor first before moving them into the weights room for example, by making them train in their sports bra.”

As a personal trainer, Takesha recognises that finding ways to self-motivate is just as important as motivating her clients.

Speaking of the struggles, she explains: “People have this perspective that we’re superwomen, we cannot have a bar of chocolate, but I’m human.

“[I self-motivate by] reflecting on my journey and seeing how far I’ve come physically and mentally. I was a really shy person but through fitness, I have been able to express myself,” she adds.

Away from the day job, Takesha spends her free time building her fitness brand, ‘TaKeepFit’. Inclusive to both men and women, transformation challenges are an integral part of the program, varying from 30, 60 or 90 days.

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The program includes a ‘progress’ picture day followed by online home workouts, gym workouts, diet tips, and group sessions. She explains: “The challenge is open for all. Anybody can join whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain weight or get toned up.

“We hold [group sessions] at Brixton Street Gym because it’s a really nice community gym, they’re really friendly and very versatile in ages.

“They do different styles of training from strength training to calisthenics, to boxing, dance, and Zumba.”

As I began my morning workout session with Takesha, she handed me her own personal ‘TaKeepFit’ resistance band, emphasising the ‘key’ importance of it when activating the smaller muscles.

“Activation is one key part of my training sessions. I use [resistance bands] as a general tool in the gym, especially when it’s busy. You can do banded walks and even though its something you can do for a warm-up, you can also use it for a burn or two,” Takesha explains.

Forming FitFemLdn with friends
Research shows that only 48.6% of female students in higher education participate in physical activity once a week compared to 64.7% of their male counterparts.

Last year, Takesha, along with three qualified personal trainers formed FitFemLdn, a space dedicated to helping female University students achieve their fitness goals.

Their mission is simple: “To empower females specifically at University and to give them a place where they can escape.

“[University] feels like one of the toughest stages of your life. Having some time for fitness and movement allows you to stay in tune with yourself and your purpose,” she adds.

Ultimately, Takesha hopes to continue building TaKeepFit, with the launch of her resistance bands at the end of this month along with resistance band classes.

TaKeepFit’s upcoming 30-day challenge commences on March 29th.

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