Jurgen Klopp blasts Liverpool fans for putting their hands out before Atletico Madrid match

  • Rob Swan

Football matches across the world are taking place without fans this week, including in the Champions League and Europa League, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Some matches have even been postponed altogether as countries try to tackle this global health crisis.

The World Health Organisation have officially labelled coronavirus a pandemic and 460 people have tested positive in the UK.

The decision to allow fans to attend Wednesday night’s Champions League clash between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid at Anfield is a hugely controversial one.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections have jumped in the Madrid region over the past few days.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has batted away coronavirus questions in recent press conferences.

But he did add this week: “We are not the society, we are only are part of society and we should all be worried in the same time.

“That’s exactly what I don’t like – you sit and ask me this question, but you flew from Madrid to here. So stay there – they’ve closed schools and you’re obviously concerned.

“But you think football is worth it to travel or whatever. So that’s our common problem – we play football, but we cannot stop it (the spread of the virus) with football. We do what we have to do.”

Players are currently prohibited from shaking hands and Klopp was in no mood for physical contact from the Liverpool fans prior to kick-off.

Footage has emerged of Klopp angrily telling supporters to put their hands away as the leant over to touch their heroes.

Watch it here…

You can understand Klopp’s reaction.

With coronavirus threatening to spiral out of control, it’s imperative for everyone to ensure they reduce the risks as much as possible.

Atletico boss Diego Simeone also went in for the handshake. Again, Klopp was having none of it…

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