WWE news: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano had an Attitude Era-style brawl on NXT last night

With Full Sail University’s arena booked up yesterday, Triple H was forced into other plans for the weekly episode of NXT.

They could have gone on the road to a big arena, just like All Elite Wrestling do, but instead the WWE Performance Center was transformed into a mini Full Sail for the evening.

Nothing felt any different though on the road to TakeOver: Tampa – and the closing segment was something special.

After what happened in Portland last month during the NXT Championship match between Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano is on a collision course with his former friend Ciampa once again.

The same story was being told this time last year, but back then it was Ciampa who was the dastardly heel with the NXT Championship, but this time there is no title on the line – just pure war between two former friends.

Gargano scalded NXT commentator Mauro Ranallo last week in an incredible segment, and he told Ciampa that they would do things the ‘Johnny Gargano way’ at the Performance Center the following week.

Ciampa found Johnny Wrestling’s slandering all too much though, as he hunted him down backstage and the fight was eventually on.

The Blackheart of NXT slammed Gargano against a wall so hard it made a big hole in it, and then went on to smack a laptop right over his back.

Johnny managed to gain the upper hand eventually though – and then slammed his enemy right through a glass door!

That wouldn’t be the end of things though, and when the two men decided to brawl to a 10-foot platform above the announcers desk, you could just see what was about to happen.

With Ciampa regaining the upper hand, he managed to hit a brutal Air Raid Crash from the platform, and landed on the commentators desk below.

This feud is getting more hard-hitting by the second, and with Ciampa’s promo from weeks ago stating that Gargano can’t be in NXT if he wants the brand’s top title back, all points to a Loser Leaves NXT match in Tampa on April 4.

That’s if TakeOver goes ahead mind you – and if it does, surely there’s only one structure that can keep the two men from destroying each other all over the arena…

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