New Batman and open-world Harry Potter game reveals were planned for coronavirus-hit E3

Most of you would have heard by now that E3 2020 was cancelled yesterday.

The Entertainment Software Organisation (ESA) released a statement explaining that the LA expo would not be proceeding as planned following fears that hosting the show would further the spread of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Some of the games that were set to be revealed at E2 2020 started to emerge only a short while after the cancellation was made official.

The new Batman and rumoured Harry Potter video games came to light and would have been spoken about at the Warner Bros. Games E3 press conference for the first time where it would have announced a number of AAA games.

Back in 2018, Kotaku shared alleged screenshots of the Harry Potter open-world video game, increasing fan excitement over an immersive world that would allow them to cast spells, interact with magical creatures, and lots more.

As for Batman, Games Rant notes it’s believed Warner Bros. Montreal has been working on a new game for some time.

There have been no official confirmations on either of these games yet, hence all of the excitement to have Warner Bros. attend E3 2020 and put them on their line-up.

It remains unclear if or how Warner Bros. will proceed with E3 now cancelled.

The company could opt to do their own live stream event or pre-record an event, per a tweet from Geeks Worldwide writer James Sigfield, who in turn confirmed previous information reported by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

This will hopefully come to light soon where fans will learn more about WB’s new plans.

However, it is clear that the publisher has a lot to share, but when they finally reveal the content still remains unclear and fans should be patient.

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