FIFA 20: Fans are flocking to PES after pro FIFA player was banned by EA

It’s a well-known fact that FIFA 20 has been a rubbish edition of EA Sports’ famous franchise.

While the graphics are the sharpest they have ever been, the rest of the game has been pretty dire. The company’s obsession with milking money from Ultimate Team has never been more apparent.

The gameplay is woeful and the likes of Pro Clubs and Career Mode are dying right before our very eyes.

One professional FIFA player, Kurt0411, has been heavily critical of the game for some time now and he was even banned after he took aim at several EA employees for their incompetence.

The response to the news of Kurt’s ban has been pretty emphatic. Gamers who regularly tuned into to his Twitch channel have now been switching over to FIFA’s rival game, Pro Evolution Soccer.

On March 6, Kurt confirmed on Twitter that PES had surpassed FIFA in regards to Twitch viewing numbers – a pretty monumental feat given FIFA’s undeniable power in the gaming world.

It’s a pretty big statement made and one that EA Sports simply have to take on board.

Both FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 have been disastrous games and it’s only a matter of time before PES surpasses FIFA in all departments.

As we reported on earlier in the week, FIFA YouTuber Nick ‘RunTheFUTMarket’ Bartels declared that he was quitting FIFA 20 to play a Farm Simulator.

“I feel like a lot of us have reached our breaking point now, taking action upon it and doing some different things to make it better. I don’t know what EA is going to do, to be honest,” he said.

“I don’t know what they can do at this point. I’m trying to think right now what would bring me back to FIFA – like full-time. If I stream six hours of FIFA today, it will be the biggest f**king grind ever.

“I would be sitting here not happy, it’s just how it works. I think the only thing to take me back to loving FIFA is going to be the Team of the Season aspect.”

Buck up your ideas, EA!

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