51% of footballs fans believe Liverpool’s current team are overrated

Football fans are split over whether the current Liverpool squad are overrated after two cup exits in eight days.

Supporters declared their opinion on the Premier League winners elect, debating whether they are as good as some people suggest after exiting the FA Cup and Champions League.

It was a mixed result as just over half of those who voted said the Reds are overrated because of their performances this season.

After 24 hours, 51% of voters voted ‘yes’ when asked “After two cup exits in 8 days, is this Liverpool team ‘overrated’?”.

Many people have made comparisons between Jurgen Klopp’s side and the invincible Arsenal team of 2003-04.

However, a 3-0 defeat to Watford on 29 February ended the Reds’ unbeaten run of 44 games in the Premier League.

Klopp’s side had gone a staggering 422 days unbeaten before the defeat at Vicarage Road.

However, two cup exits in eight days have led to people questioning whether the Reds are really as good as we think.

The Reds had gone unbeaten in 42 home games before Tuesday’s defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

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In what was their first home defeat in European competitions for six years, Liverpool crashed out with a 4-2 aggregate defeat to Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid.

It was hardly a poor performance for the Reds as they lost despite having 71% possession and 34 shots.

Speaking about his side’s performance after the defeat, Klopp said: “We accept it, of course, but it doesn’t feel right tonight. I realise I am a really bad loser, especially when the boys put such an effort in against world-class players on the other side who defend with two rows of four.

“We know in the past two years we had some lucky moments in the Champions League – you have to to reach two finals – but today everything was against us in the decisive moments.”

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