Liverpool: Five ways their Premier League season could end after coronavirus crisis

  • Kobe Tong

Liverpool are on the brink of securing their first Premier League title… right?

After winning 27 of their opening 29 matches in England’s top flight, the Reds are potentially just 90 minutes away from collecting the silverware that has evaded them for three decades.

But the Premier League landscape has been completely changed by the coronavirus update and news that competition will be postponed until April 4 at the very earliest.

However, with officials reportedly doubting that the league will resume next month and calls for the season to be scrapped entirely, Kopites are justly concerned about their championship hopes.

The fact the Premier League has no regulations in place for such an unprecedented situation as this means that plenty of options are on the table and the Liverpool Echo has sought to explore them all.

Five ways Liverpool’s season might end

They revealed ‘the five ways Liverpool‘s Premier League season could be ended’ and explained the likelihood of each one happening. Check out the different scenarios and the verdict down below:

1. Carry on as normal

There is a chance, no matter how unlikely, that normal service will resume on April 4 and fixtures will simply run deeper into the summer than initially anticipated.

This could be helped by the potential postponement of Euro 2020 to next year, although contract issues would be incurred if the season went beyond June 30.

And a report in the Daily Mail suggests that Premier League clubs might refuse to continue the season and there would be a debate on whether games should be played behind closed doors.

Echo verdict: It’s a pipedream to think matters will return to as they were beforehand.

2. Void the domestic season completely

It’s been reported that certain clubs – West Ham and Tottenham, cough, cough – are keen for the season to be eradicated, but it seems unlikely that the necessary 14 out of 20 teams would agree.

Teams such as Sheffield United, Wolves and, of course, Liverpool would fight to have all their hard work from the 2019/20 season respected and upheld.

Plus, there would be outrage from the Championship as teams like West Bromwich Albion and Leeds United would need to start their near-completed promotion charges from scratch.

Echo verdict: It’s the easiest option logistically, but the legal challenges could essentially bankrupt the Premier League. They won’t want that.

3. Void the domestic season and take the points forward to the next season

Now this is an interesting one. The 2019/20 season would still be voided, but the following campaign would start with teams on their currents points tally in order to respect those matches.

Therefore, Liverpool would kick off in August with 82 points already in the bank, although Manchester City would then have 38 games to close the 25-point gap.

Echo verdict: Far too revolutionary, although it would make for an interesting transfer market given some clubs would have a massive advantage over others.

4. Cancel the domestic season

Not voiding the campaign per se, but drawing a line under it and averaging out how many points each team would have won in theory if all 38 of their games were completed.

Echo verdict: This would be extremely unlikely and unfair given the point of a league is everyone plays each other twice. The integrity of the competition would be questioned.

5. Continue the season behind closed doors

Pretty self-explanatory. No matter what happens in the coming months, football will resume at some point and playing in empty stadiums could be a necessary precaution to bring that day forward.

It would be desirable for players chasing medals, namely Liverpool, and also clubs fighting relegation with potentially winnable games so close on their fixture list.

Playing out 38 games would bring an extra level of legitimacy to Liverpool winning the league, even if lifting the trophy in an empty stadium and with no bus parade would be gutting for everyone.

Echo verdict: This seems the most sensible and fair resolution to a difficult situation. Premier League, over to you.

Positive signs for Liverpool

So, there are many ways that the Premier League season could reach its conclusion and most of them result in Liverpool being crowned the champions, which only seems right.

While it might have appeared ham-fisted in previous campaigns, there’s no denying that Liverpool have been head and shoulders above their rivals and are deserving of the crown.

Therefore, no matter what conclusion the Premier League comes to, it would be unforgivable if Jurgen Klopp’s team were given anything short of the trophy they so desperately want.

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