UEFA considering a move to December for Euro 2020 in response to coronavirus

UEFA is considering moving Euro 2020 to December, in a bid to allow Europe’s major leagues to finish their season across the summer months. 

There has been much debate as to how the Premier League and other European leagues should handle the remainder of this season, after the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced a postponement of all elite level football across the continent. 

At present, most football is set to return in early April, but if this date is to be pushed back further – as many experts within the game are predicting – an extension of the domestic season would appear inevitable.

Other fans and experts have also proposed simply cancelling the current season in it’s entirety, picking up next year as if this iteration had never happened, but that is not without it’s complications. 

The obvious victims of any such plan would be the those clubs who are set to either win their league, qualify for either of the major European competitions – The UEFA Champions League and Europa League – or win promotion to a higher division. 

The more likely solution of simply resuming the season at a later date certainly appears the more appealing of the options, and talks of pushing back the European Championships set for this summer to 2021 have also been mooted. 

Whichever route football’s lawmakers eventually choose will become a lot clearer after Tuesday’s emergency summit – in which the game’s major stakeholders from across Europe will meet to debate all viable options for taking the game forwards. 

Whilst many of Europe’s largest clubs tussle with potentially missing out on additional European revenue from the remainder of this season and the next, the issue of how many smaller sides will cope has also been raised. 

Many lower league clubs, both in Britain and abroad, rely almost solely on gate receipts and their fans support in order to keep them afloat.

With the players wages still to be paid each week and month, despite the lack of actual action, many local and lower league clubs are already forecasting an incredibly bleak period as they desperately search for alternate sources of income. 

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