UFC News: Joanna Jedrzejczyk shares picture of her face one week after brawl with Weili Zhang

It has been hailed as one of UFC’s best ever fights, Joanna Jedrzejczyk took one hell of a beating.

Especially in the third round where she suffered a haematoma as Zhang repeatedly landed heavy blows to her forehead, which in due course caused the huge swelling.

The result on the night was seen by some as controversial, as they believed Joanna had done enough to win the women’s straw-weight from Zhang, this comes after how back and forth the fight was, which made it so great to watch.

Both women took heavy shots, which led to them both being rushed to the hospital after leaving the Octagon, but Joanna was notably worse off.

The haematoma she suffered had grown excessively during the championship rounds of the fight and spread across her whole forehead.

The state Joanna had been left in from the fight caused fans to become worried about her health, however, the reports that came out after the fight suggested that she had not suffered any serious medical injuries.

Jedrzejczyk has now finally shared a photo of herself since the fight to her Instagram account and the damage in the aftermath of the fight is purely shocking.

Although she might be wearing sunglasses and a cap in the photo, the damage is very clear to see and the discolouration on her face is horrifying to say the least.

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The bruises spread right down each side of her face and it’s understandable to why she may want to cover up the rest of the damage.

We can only hope now that Jedrzejczyk can take some proper time off to rest up and heal from her injuries properly, although, initial reports suggest that Joanna’s team are eyeing up a potential rematch with Zhang, demonstrating how tough of an athlete Jedrzejczyk is.

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