Ronda Rousey is being slammed for coronavirus 'brag' on social media

Doesn’t it just make you feel great that you might be at threat of getting coronavirus and being quarantined but at least Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne will be completely fine.

Phew, glad it isn’t just me.

Rousey has been slammed for posting two videos to social media which showcased her farms’ resources which allow her and her husband to live self-sufficiently.

In the videos, Rousey shows how she and her partner have a stockpile of supplies ready which would be perfect for the side of self-isolation which is served with the main dish that is the coronavirus.

Following on to this Rousey jokingly shows a vegetable patch, fruit trees, Tesla water tanks, a chicken coop, freezers full of meat and solar panels, I’m just assuming my invite to ‘Browsey Acres’ got lost in the post.

Rousey shared the videos to her 12.8 million followers on Instagram along with the following description:

“Our coronavirus panic shopping list is: Nonexistent.”

“It’s no secret I’ve been a proud preppier for years – but let’s all learn from this pandemic panic and be a little more self-sufficient and prepared in the future.

“Taking steps to live sustainably takes time but ultimately saves money, permanently eliminates water and power bills, reduces our carbon footprint, and is just plain healthier.

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“We started @browsey_acres with just a compost bin and a few boxes of @soylent,
which then became just a small herb garden, then a full garden (admittedly still under construction) then a few chickens, then a few more chickens (and ducks!), then a whole steer, then a solar roof, then a water catchment system.

“Start small! Just start! Let’s stop panicking and start preparing! Stay safe out there and #StayRowdyMyFriends!”

Not everyone found these videos as enlightening as Rousey might have thought they were, as her comment section was filled with users making points such as:

Others made the point that Rousey’s ability to live self-sufficient was only attainable through her riches, a point which was extended by some comments of:

“Easy advice to give when you’re a millionaire.”

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