Jermaine Jenas details how to stop the Premier League season being cancelled

  • Kat Lucas

By Thursday, we should be that bit closer to finding out whether the Premier League season is being cancelled. 

An emergency meeting is being held amid the coronavirus outbreak after professional football was temporarily suspended until April 3 ‘at the earliest’. 

There are serious concerns that a mid-April return date is wildly optimistic and that completing the 2019/20 is going to be a logistical nightmare. 

Does that mean Liverpool will be denied the title? Who will be relegated? Who gets promoted?

There are a whole host of dilemmas for Premier League officials to consider, never mind the heartbreak for fans of the various clubs involved. 

For every Manchester United fan that’s rejoicing in the thought of Liverpool losing out, most of us would dearly love to see football back as soon as it’s safe for fans, players and staff to return. 

Declaring a whole season null and void, with just nine games to go, just wouldn’t feel right. 

It remains to be seen if and how the authorities get around the chaos caused by this public health crisis, but pundit Jermaine Jenas has offered his solution. 

Jenas’ plan, which he spoke about on the BBC’s Football Daily Podcast, is one of the most viable options yet and would see other competitions, such as the FA Cup, scrapped. 

“We have to think smaller right now. Get rid of this season’s cup competitions and finish the league when we can, even if it means moving the Euros to 2021.

“I do think the domestic leagues are the most important. It’s impossible to please everybody, and only 50% of the Premier League clubs would be happy if the league was to finish right now.

“Liverpool would miss out on the title and Sheffield United and Wolves would not be able to qualify for the Champions League.

“Promotion from the Championship and relegation from the Premier League is huge financially, so that is why I say the cup competitions might have to take the hit.”

The Independent report that the Premier League are currently considering a scenario, similar to what Jenas has suggested, in the form of a new schedule for games to be completed between July and September. 

So, while it seems increasingly unlikely that football will be returning any time soon, at least there is some hope that the season could yet be salvaged. 

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