UFC News: Joanna Jedrzejczyk reveals full extent of brutal bruising following UFC 248 brawl

Yesterday we published an article detailing the first image shared by Joanna Jedrzejczyk since her absolute brawl with Weili Zhang.

Her post to Instagram showed the bruising to the sides of her face but due to Joanna wearing a cap and sunglasses not all of the damage Zhang caused was visible.

However, a week later after one of UFC’s greatest ever bouts Joanna has returned back to her native land of Poland. She documented her travel back to Poland through her Instagram story and once home showed off the true extent of the damage she had taken from the fight.

Although Joanna is having a ‘#homespa’ and wearing a face mask, the bruising is still very clear to see and it’s absolutely brutal.

“I’m still having so many bruises on my face, on my chest, the swelling went down, but I feel better so we good.”

From the haematoma she suffered in the third round of the fight, which continued to grow during the fight, to the hellish bruising which has developed after the fight it is truly amazing that Joanna hasn’t suffered any serious medical injuries, which shows just how tough she really is.

It’s very good to see that Joanna is in such high spirits after losing what was an incredibly close fight.

So close in fact that she and her team are reportedly working on an immediate rematch with Zhang something which is guaranteed to go down very well with UFC fans after their first encounter was so spectacular.

For now, though, I believe I am not alone as a UFC fan that wishes for Joanna to take her time and gain a full recovery as the aftermath of the fight on her has been horrifying.

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