WWE news: Tampa's Hillsborough County may be forced to 'pull the plug' on WrestleMania 36

If Vince McMahon doesn’t make a decision soon on the future of WrestleMania 36, Tampa’s Hillsborough County may make the decision for him in the next few days and ‘pull the plug’ on WWE’s biggest show of the year.

Many sporting events around the world have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic including football, basketball, baseball, and MMA. Wrestling is no exception.

While WWE is yet to cancel or postpone their shows, they have moved their most recent Raw and SmackDown shows to the Performance Center in Orlando in order for them to still take place, just not in front of a live audience.

Despite this, even at this current moment of time, WrestleMania is still scheduled to take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa’s Hillsborough County on April 5.

WWE is yet to cancel or postpone WrestleMania 36, but Hillsborough County may make that decision for them in the next few days and cancel on the show.

Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller told Fox 13, via ESPN that he will ‘pull the plug’ on WrestleMania if WWE doesn’t make the decision themselves due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Miller said on Thursday: “I’m hoping that Vince McMahon and WrestleMania and WWE make the call themselves, but a week from now, if they’ve not done that and we’re still in the situation we’re in, we’ll probably have to pull the plug on that.”

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister also seemed to hope that WWE will cancel the event soon to keep the public safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

Chronister said: “I commend every sports franchise for erring on the side of caution. I hope the WWE follows suit. I don’t ever want to see people put profit over public safety.”

Just like this past Friday’s SmackDown, Monday Night Raw this week will take place at the Performance Center in Orlando.

WWE will be continuing their build for WrestleMania 36 on the show as well, with the contract signing between AJ Styles and The Undertaker, even though it’s unclear if the event will still be taking place in Tampa, or even on April 5.

We’ll have to wait and see over the next few days to discover what happens to WrestleMania 36, but in all likelihood, the event is going to be postponed.

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