Man Utd fan: Liverpool's Jordan Henderson wouldn't get into our team

Jordan Henderson is without doubt one of the best midfielders in world football right now.

Liverpool’s inspirational captain is the glue that holds Jurgen Klopp’s team together, a midfield general that every team in world football would kill to have.

It’s no coincidence that after Henderson’s injury in the first-leg against Atletico Madrid, Liverpool embarked on their worst run of the season.

Fabinho just couldn’t fill the void, but Henderson’s obvious brilliance over the past few years has not convinced one Manchester United fan that he would be worthy of a place in the Red Devils’ starting line-up.

United fan ‘Anthony’ called into talkSPORT and stated that Henderson ‘wasn’t even a footballer’ and that Nemanja Matic is a far better option than the Liverpool star.

Don’t believe us? Well, it really did happen. Below, you’ll find the standout quotes from one of the most ridiculous talkSPORT phone-ins possibly of all-time.

Hosts Darren Lewis and Gabriel Agbonlahor somehow managed to keep their cool!

Anthony: I want to know, what Liverpool midfield player would get in Man United’s team? Don’t tell me Jordan Henderson, please don’t say Jordan Henderson!

Darren Lewis: Are you really going to come at a team 25-points clear?

Anthony: I’m not on about 25-points clear, I’m on about midfielder players at Liverpool, which one of them would get in United’s team?

Darren: Well, I think Jordan Henderson would get in your team.

Anthony: JORDAN HENDERSON?! Are you being serious? Has he got any skill? Have you ever seen him take a man on?

Darren: Well, he’s got leadership, he’s got passing ability, he’s got tackling ability… come on, don’t disrespect a guy who inspired his team to the Champions League last season and has followed that up this season by inspiring his team to the Premier League.

Anthony: Inspired? What do you mean? Running around and passing the ball sideways? Has he got any skill? Would he get in Man United’s team?

Darren: Yes, I think he would.

Anthony: Instead of who? You’ve got Matic, you’ve got Fernandes, you’ve got Fred.

Darren: I would have him in there instead of Matic, absolutely I would.

Anthony: Would you? Well, you don’t know anything about football then do you?

Darren: Hahaha! I’ve only been covering it for 20 years! Actually, I would have a midfield-three of Henderson, Pogba and Fernandes. You couldn’t do too wrong with that.

Anthony: Henderson wouldn’t even wipe his… I’m not even going say it. Henderson isn’t even a footballer, mate, he just passes sideways five yards. To be midfielder you need a bit of skill.

Gabby Agbonlahor: You have to look at Henderson, and he probably could get Player of the Year. I think he will get Player of the Year, he’s up there to get it, that’s how good he’s been, for me.

Anthony: Could he? You need to sort your neck out, seriously, mate!

Wow, just wow.

Not only has Henderson been the defensive lynchpin in Liverpool’s midfield throughout 2019/20, he’s also contributed in attack as well.

In his 25 Premier League appearances, he’s scored three times and assisted another five. Not bad for a player who just passes it sideways, eh?

As for Matic and Fred, they’ve failed to score and only assisted one goal in 37 appearances between them.

Maybe find a new sport to watch and discuss, Anthony…

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