WWE news: Jim Ross explains why Vince McMahon loved Eddie Guerrero so much

Jim Ross has explained why Vince McMahon loved Eddie Guerrero so much even though he had the tendency to push bigger guys.

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most beloved superstars the WWE has ever had, and he’s also one of the best in-ring workers the company has ever had.

While Latino Heat is sadly gone now, he will never be forgotten, and his spirit lives on through several wrestlers in the WWE and around the world.

During a recent Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross was asked by a fan why Vince McMahon loved Eddie Guerrero so much even though he had a tendency to push other superstars that were much bigger than him.

Ross said that Eddie’s charisma and ability to work in the ring with almost anyone and bring the best out of them held him in high regard with the WWE Chairman.

He said, via Wrestling News: “The fact that Eddie could work with anybody. He could work with a bigger babyface and make it real. He could work with a bigger heel and make it even more real.

“He brought the best out in everybody. If you polled the locker room, they’re gonna tell you that the two best workers we had at one point in time was Benoit and Eddie because they were.

“They were fresh, Eddie was hungry. He didn’t want to be called a cruiserweight or a midget or whatever. I think it’s consistency and the fact that everybody wanted to work with him.

“When you have top guys going to the old man just to get face time, and they tell him ‘Vince if I get a chance, I’d like to work with Eddie.’ Enough guys did that and then Vince said there’s something here.

“He beat Brock Lesnar in the Cow Palace at 190 pounds and Lesnar at 290 and made it believable.

“It was emotional as hell. I cried, a lot of guys cried. For him, it was a realization of a life long dream to be the top guy in the biggest company.”

Ross also added: “I’m glad that before Eddie passed, he got those moments. I’m blessed that we were able to do that. I think at least it was a happy thing in his life.”

Latino Heat may be gone, but his spirit lives on through many wrestlers around the world.

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