Fourteen clubs need to vote to void the Premier League - which clubs will vote for what?

What is going to happen to the rest of the Premier League season after it was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak?

As things stand, the Premier League intend to resume again at the start of April.

Realistically, that simply isn’t going to happen.

So, is the season going to be cancelled completely and the entire campaign rendered null and void? Or do they attempt to complete the final nine gameweeks one way or another – whether that be behind closed doors or over the summer.

We will discover more on Thursday when the Premier League and its 20 clubs will meet to discuss the options.

According to reports “it would take a two-thirds majority – 14 clubs – to impose any rule changes, with the Premier League a private company owned by its 20 member clubs.”

So, if a vote took place to either complete the season or void it, what would each club for voting for?

Liverpool obviously want the season finished considering they’re just two wins away from their first Premier League title. But they’re not the only club that will be desperate to ensure the campaign is finished.

Of course, there are many other things to consider and it may not simply be a vote between ‘finish the season’ or ‘void the season’.

But if it comes down to it, would there be 14 or more clubs voting for voiding the season?

Let’s take a look at what clubs are most likely to vote for:

Arsenal (9th): VOID SEASON

With Manchester City’s European ban, Arsenal’s fifth-placed finish last season could actually see them qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Aston Villa (19th): VOID SEASON

Villa have two games in hand but sit 19th and are in real danger of being relegated. They will be desperate to see the season null and void.

Bournemouth (18th): VOID SEASON

As things stand, Eddie Howe’s side would be relegated so they will definitely vote for voiding the campaign.

Brighton (15th): VOID SEASON

If it’s a straight choice between void and finish off the season, Brighton will be all for cancelling the season. They currently sit two points above the drop zone with nine games left and face a pretty tough run-in.

Burnley (10th): FINISH SEASON

Burnley are enjoying a decent run of form and find themselves 10th. In fact, they’re only four points off sixth place and have an outside shot of qualifying for European football.

Chelsea (4th): VOID SEASON

Chelsea are one of the clubs who could hold the key to the vote. Obviously, voiding it would mean their third place finish from last season means Champions League qualification. This season, Manchester United are only three points behind them in the race for a top-four finish – although top-five might be enough this season.

Crystal Palace (11th): FINISH SEASON

Palace are safe from relegation and level on points with Burnley meaning there’s an outside chance of European qualification.

Everton (12th): VOID SEASON

On 37 points, Everton’s chances of qualifying for Europe are slim. Therefore, voiding the season and denying their Merseyside rivals a chance to lift the Premier League may be top of their priorities.

Leicester (3rd): FINISH SEASON

There’s no doubt about this one. Leicester have pretty much guaranteed Champions League qualification and they will be gutted if all of their good work goes to waste.

Liverpool (1st): FINISH SEASON

We reckon Liverpool are pretty keen not to see the season void.

Manchester City (2nd): VOID SEASON

City have very little to play for in the Premier League but if they have an opportunity to retain their trophy, they will surely opt for that.

Manchester United (5th): FINISH SEASON

United may well back Liverpool’s corner. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side don’t know whether fifth will be enough to qualify for next season’s Champions League due to City’s European appeal. Therefore, they will want to finish the season and attempt to leapfrog Chelsea into fourth.

Newcastle United (13th): VOID SEASON

Better safe than sorry in Newcastle’s case. They’re currently eight points above the drop zone with nine matches left so *should* be safe. But they have nothing to gain by finishing the season so may well choose to void it.

Norwich City (20th): VOID SEASON

Six points adrift and almost certainly relegated if the season was to continue. Fancy another season in the Premier League, Norwich fans?

Sheffield United (7th): FINISH SEASON

It would be incredibly cruel for Sheffield United’s amazing season to be deleted from the history books. The Blades would go fifth, just two points behind Chelsea, if they won their game in hand. To deny them a potential place in Europe – possibly the Champions League – would be cruel.

Southampton (14th): VOID SEASON

Seven points above the drop zone and probably safe but, like Newcastle, Southampton won’t be taking any chances. They might also like the thought to cancelling the season and wiping their 9-0 loss against Leicester from the record books.

Tottenham (8th): VOID SEASON

Jose Mourinho has already admitted he can’t wait for this season to end and he may get his wish sooner than expected. They sit eighth and are seven points adrift of Chelsea. They’re also out of every cup competition. Voiding it would mean they return to the Champions League.

Watford (17th): VOID SEASON

Only out of the relegation zone only on goal difference so it’s a no-brainer for the Hornets. Void.

West Ham (16th): VOID SEASON

Karen Brady, the vice-chairman of West Ham, has already insisted the Premier League should be null and void. We wonder why considering they’re only outside the relegation zone on goal difference.

Wolves (6th): FINISH SEASON

Wolves are just five points off Chelsea and will surely qualify for next season’s Europa League – if not the Champions League.

So, based on our calculation there will be SEVEN clubs wanting to finish the season and THIRTEEN clubs wanting to void it.

That means those in favour of cancelling of season would need one more vote.

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