Liverpool fans are discussing what they would do if they're denied the Premier League title

Liverpool fans will be forgiven for feeling pretty apprehensive ahead of Thursday’s meeting between the Premier League and its 20 clubs.

The Reds need just two more wins to claim their first ever Premier League title but there are now question marks whether they will be able to do that.

During Thursday’s meeting, plans will be discussed regarding how – or if – they can finish the current campaign amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As things stand, England’s top-flight is suspended until April to help prevent the spread of the virus but that decision is merely seen as a time-buying exercise.

It seems incredibly unrealistic that the Premier League will return in just a matter of weeks.

But will the 2019/20 return at all?

It’s looking increasingly likely that Liverpool will be cruelly denied the title they so richly deserve after such an incredible campaign.

And Kopites are bracing themselves for the worst.

In fact, they’re already discussing what they would do if the unthinkable happens and the season is deemed null and void.

A Reddit thread has emerged asking fellow Liverpool fans how missing out on the title would ‘impact their relationship with football’ and what they would do in response.

And some of the replies are brilliant:

“I’ve said this before. If the season gets cancelled I’m becoming a monk and gonna live the rest of my life in isolation in a temple at the top of a mountain,” one fan said.

“I’m done, at least for my own sake. I will however still support the club but I doubt I will pay Viasat (Sweden) any more money for the sports package,” said another.

A third Liverpool fan wrote: “I wouldn’t be able to watch football anymore apart from the foreign leagues perhaps, but even that is a stretch. I’d probably follow results for betting purposes that is about it. I could never accept us losing the title and then accept the next winner, assuming it isn’t us.”

Another added: “I’m not watching a second of football besides Liverpool games if they cancel the league.”

“100% stop watching,” someone put simply.

Finally, a desperate fan added: “I’ll never watch another game again, if they screw us out of this, then we’re cursed. I’ve spent my whole life chasing this title, really will be the last straw this time.”

It’s fair to say the decision to void the season won’t go down well in the red half of Merseyside.

Rival fans will no doubt feel really sorry for them too…

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