WWE news: John Cena has always been a true believer in Bray Wyatt being a major WWE star


John Cena has always been a true believer in Bray Wyatt being a major superstar in the WWE. All you have to do in order to know this for sure is to look back at their previous meetings.

At WrestleMania, ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt will take on John Cena in a match. It won’t be the first time Wyatt and Cena have met in the ring, and hopefully, it won’t be the last.

In fact, this year’s Showcase of Immortals won’t even be the first time the two have faced each other at the show, as the two previously faced each other at WrestleMania 30 back in April 2014.

On that night in New Orleans, it was Cena who came out on top. However, despite the match being rated one of the best matches on the show, many thought Cena didn’t need the win, and that it would have been more beneficial for Wyatt to come out victorious.

Ever since that match, it seems as though Cena has done everything he can to put Wyatt over, and it began in the immediate aftermath of WrestleMania 30, as their feud continued in the months following the show.

At Extreme Rules the following month, Cena and Wyatt faced each other again, this time in a steel cage match. Wyatt won on the night thanks to interference from Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, as well as a demonic child.

The rubber match to determine the winner of their feud came at Payback in a Last Man Standing match, where Cena buried Wyatt under multiple equipment cases to win the match and end the feud.


Their feud never went further than this, as Cena was booked to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after the title was vacated by Daniel Bryan due to injury. Wyatt was left to feud with a returning Chris Jericho, a feud which Wyatt would win.

After that, a series of bad booking decisions and injuries ultimately left Wyatt in a state of limbo in WWE. It wasn’t until he began feuding with Randy Orton in late 2016 that he found his footing again.

This came at a time where Cena was rising back to the top of WWE once more during his memorable feud with AJ Styles over the WWE Championship, winning the title for a 16th time at the Royal Rumble in 2017.

Cena now had an opportunity to right the booking wrong from WrestleMania 30 for Wyatt, and he did exactly that inside the Elimination Chamber, by having Wyatt pin him clean on his way to winning his first world title in WWE.


Wyatt then pinned Cena for a second time just a few days later to retain the WWE title in a triple threat match against Styles as well.

Many people have said Cena requested Wyatt pin him, not only at the Elimination Chamber but on the following week’s SmackDown as well, which in turn solidified and added prestige to his title reign.

It was during this second pin that Cena gave Wyatt a special message that must be remembered as we approach another match between the two at this year’s Showcase of Immortals.

As Wyatt was pinning Cena to retain the WWE title, Cena can be heard saying to him: “You’re a proper champion now.” Thus, Cena had repaid Wyatt for the loss he suffered at WrestleMania 30.

Now, as we approach WrestleMania 36, with Wyatt as The Fiend coming off the back of a shocking defeat to Goldberg at Super ShowDown, losing the Universal title in the process, Cena’s services are needed again.

If there’s anyone in WWE history that is able to rejuvenate The Fiend and make him the pure terrifying monster he was just a couple of months ago, it’s John Cena, as he's always been a true believer in Wyatt being a major WWE star.

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