Clive Tyldesley commentates on wife making lasagne as coronavirus stops football

  • Rob Swan

Professional football in England has been suspended for just under a week now but, to all of us fans, it already feels like a lifetime.

The National League has also been suspended until April 3 at the earliest due to the coronavirus pandemic, while the Football Association is advising for grassroots football to be postponed for the ‘foreseeable future’.

It’s a difficult time for everybody right now – but it’s important to remain as positive as possible and to keep smiling.

Little things like Clive Tyldesley commentating on his wife making lasagne are certainly helping.

The 65-year-old, most famous for commentating on Champions League matches when the European competition used to be broadcast on ITV, decided to keep himself ‘match fit’ by providing commentary and analysis on his wife’s cooking.

Tyldesley begins by welcoming viewers to “tonight’s fixture” of “live coverage of our supper preparation”.

He then goes through each stage of the meal prep with some brilliant lines.

One of the best bits is when he says: “Here’s the oil! Basilll. Now pepper. Salllt. Oh, garlic! TOMATO PUREE!”

We also enjoyed the moment he goes to VAR to check on “possible stockpiling” regarding the number of onions on the kitchen counter.

“We need them all,” his wife protests, to which Tyldesley (now acting as both commentator and referee) allows for cooking to continue.

He then shouts “What a waste. What a waste!” as his wife pours some red wine into the dinner.

The dish is then put into the oven before we see Clive raising a glass.

Finally, he retrieves the lasagne from the oven and shouts: “And there it is… ooooh, result!”

Watch the video here…

Superb stuff and thanks for bringing some light relief to the country at such a testing time, Clive!

Maybe Tyldesley can provide similar videos over the coming weeks. Mowing the lawn, taking the bins out – that sort of thing.

Without football, this is the type of content we’re all here for.

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