WWE news: Fascinating new footage of what superstars were doing during SmackDown ad break

WWE are in strange territory right now. 

Due to the spread of coronavirus, the two latest episodes of SmackDown and RAW have been aired from the Performance Center in front of no live audience. 

This is expected to continue for the foreseeable future and even WrestleMania is currently scheduled to run under the same format. 

If it does happen, it’s sure to be unique.

With no live audience to entertain, leaked footage emerged over the weekend of SmackDown superstars taking it easy during advertising breaks. 

After all, no one is watching, so why not? 

But all wasn’t as it seemed. Many thought those in the ring were chilling out for a couple of minutes – but far from it. 

New footage has come to light, showing exactly what went on during that ad break and it’s absolutely fascinating. Check out the clip, posted by Sean Ross Sapp below:

As you can hear, there’s an awful lot going on. Michael Cole’s mic is still live and he’s talking to Triple H and asking for feedback on their commentary. 

What’s even more interesting is that The Game seems to be discussing the match with those in the ring, mentioning they should ‘work to the cameras’ rather than ‘work to the crowd’.

It also sounds like a member of the production staff from backstage is communicating with the wrestlers and they can even be heard discussing how they will switch ‘when Asuka comes out’. 

The clip makes for very interesting viewing and gives us a small insight into just how much production goes into a WWE match. 

This current situation with no live audience at shows is far from ideal, but it has given us a few very interesting sideshows to talk about. 

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