WWE news: Montez Ford produces one of the greatest sells ever after being hit by Stone Cold Stunner

Stone Cold Steve Austin dished out some Stunners to the Street Profits

Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to WWE programming for Monday Night Raw last night on a special date - but it was far from usual surroundings.

The Texas Rattlesnake came back to celebrate 3:16 Day - which he has now declared a national holiday - but no fans were there to see him.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all WWE shows have been relocated to the Performance Center in Orlando - including WrestleMania 36 - that meant Austin performed to no-one last night.

Even with no crowd in attendance though, Stone Cold managed to be his ever-entertaining self on the microphone, and ended up performing a wonderful two-hander with Raw commentator Byron Saxton. 

Saxton would end up holding number cards up, grading his 3:16 Day policies from one to 10, but after Austin invited him into the ring for a toast to his commentating skills, he would end up flat on his back because of a Stone Cold Stunner.

That would not be the end of Stone Cold's night though, as Becky Lynch would join him to close Raw and sink a few Steveweisers in the middle of the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin drinks beers with Becky Lynch and Street Profits

And the action continued after Raw went off-air, as Raw Tag Team Champions the Street Profits came to join the pair in their beer-drinking session.

Unfortunately for Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins though, they were the recipients of a couple of Stone Cold Stunners.

And the first one Ford received may be one of the greatest sells of the Stunner of all-time!

As you can see in the clip below, Ford froze for a couple of seconds before dropping back, and he hit his head on Becky Lynch's beer cooler.

Austin then went on to nail Dawkins with a Stunner, then Becky got in on the action and dropped Byron Saxton with one, and then the Street Profits got one more each from Stone Cold.

The whole five minute clip is hilarious and well worth a watch below!

They all probably wish it happened in-front of a packed crowd, but the moment is still special for Ford and Dawkins at least, and it's already been retweeted thousands of times!

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