Hoffenheim owner Dietmar Hopp says his company have developed coronavirus vaccine

  • Kat Lucas

Football across the world has been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic. 

UEFA have today taken the decision to postpone Euro 2020 by a year, with Europe’s domestic leagues already having been temporarily suspended. 

There is very little good news to be gleaned at the moment but over in the Bundesliga, there is an unlikely source offering hope. 

Hoffenheim owner Dietmar Hopp is unfortunately well-known for the wrong reasons, with many rival fans objecting to his huge levels of investment in the club. 

It’s a practice that is heavily frowned upon by German supporters and he has even been named the country’s “most hated” man. 

In February, Hoffenheim’s game with Bayern Munich was interrupted when the away end unfurled a banner calling Hopp a “son of a b****”. 

As a protest, players then refused to complete the game properly and spent the last 15 minutes or so passing the ball to one another and declining to score. Bayern were already 6-0 up at the time. 

You can watch footage of the bizarre incident HERE. 

However, whatever his faults within football, Hopp is also the majority shareholder of drug company CureVac.

The 79-year-old believes they may have developed a cure for COVID-19 which could be available within six months once it is approved by licensing authorities. 

Hopp told Sport1, quoted by The Sun: 

“I think our new vaccine against coronavirus should be available by this autumn. That would be in time for the next potential wave of infections.

“Tests first have to be carried out on animals, and then on people.

“The release date depends on Germany’s national institute for vaccines, the Paul Ehrlich Institute.” 

The billionaire also referenced his unhappy relationship with German football fans, but insisted that was not the motivation. 

“It makes no difference to me if the success of the vaccine alters my reputation with football’s Ultras,” he added. 

“It is important for me that CureVac is rewarded for its 15 years of research. We’ve had our setbacks.

“But I have never doubted my team, I have funded them, and it is a great feeling now.”

There have been further reports that President Donald Trump wanted the vaccine provided exclusively to the USA, but that will not be happening either. 

“It can’t be that a German company develops the vaccine and it’s only used in the USA. That was never an option for me.

“I didn’t speak with President Trump, but he spoke with the company.

“They asked me what I thought, and I knew straightaway that a deal of that nature was not on the table.”

Let’s hope Hopp is right and a vaccine can be provided as soon as possible. 

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