Mike Tyson is 'willing to die' as being alive has become 'too complicated'

  • Alex Batt

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has admitted he is ‘looking forward to dying’ because ‘living is too complicated’ in a new and emotional interview.

It wasn’t long ago that Tyson was breaking down during a podcast chat with Sugar Ray Leonard, where he was quoted as saying: “Now those days are gone it’s empty, I’m nothing. I’m working on the art of humbleness… That’s the reason I’m crying because I’m not that person no more, and I miss him.”

Now, these latest quotes from the American will cause a lot of boxing fans to worry about his health and current wellbeing.

Once known as ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’, Tyson was a feared man and a very dangerous man, especially inside the ropes, but even outside them on some occasions.

However, he was a very respected figure in the sport, and will arguably go down as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He’ll certainly be in the discussion of being the hardest hitter of all time, up there with George Foreman and yes, Deontay Wilder.

It’s well documented just how crazy Tyson’s life has been, from the highs of winning championship belts inside the ring, to the lows of trouble with the law, so it’s probably no surprise that all that is finally taking its toll on the heavyweight legend.

But, his recent comments whilst speaking to The Sportsman will certainly worry a lot of people.

He said: “From my experience, from what I believe, the more I know about not existing, the more willing I am to die.”

Then when asked if he ‘looked forward to death’, he replied: “Yeah, I don’t fear it. Living might be more complicated than dying to me, because living takes a lot of courage.

“Without the courage, you can’t handle living. Living is a journey; living is a struggle. People have everything and they still can’t do it, they struggle.

“We take ourselves too seriously; we think we’re somebody. Who the f***, we’re nothing! We come from s***. We think we’re special… fame is s***.You find out you’re not [special].

“You’re capable of going to jail, you’re capable of dying, you’re capable of being mistreated.

“I don’t really expect bad things to happen to me, but when they do happen to me, I understand it and I’m able to handle it. I’ve handled bad stuff before, that’s been my life. I don’t trip over bad things, I know s*** happens.

“When bad things happen, I will be still striving to do something. I won’t be discouraged.”

Emotional words indeed from Mike Tyson, but let’s just hope for everyone’s sake he is okay.

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