Grand Theft Auto VI could be based in Vice City

  • Alex Batt

In the midst of a pandemic sweeping the entire globe, good news is few and far between it seems, but there could finally be some good news from the world of gaming.

More specifically, the world of ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

All gamers are currently waiting for a new version of the popular title, with ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ the latest instalment of the series and that came out way back in September of 2013.

However, it seems like there could be a few subtle hints dropping about a new title, in particular after the new ‘GTA Online’ update came to surface. A lot of fans believe they are hinting at the location of the next title, and the good news? It could be based in Vice City!

Of course, it’s important not to take this as official confirmation, but plenty of gamers feel they have followed a trail of clues that leads to them finding out what the new title of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ will be called. Members of the community believe the trails lead to the new title being called ‘Grand Theft Auto VI(CE)’.

If the title is in fact called ‘Grand Theft Auto VI(CE)’, then surely, SURELY, the game will be based back in Vice City?!

Everyone knows the ‘GTA: Vice City’ game is one of the most popular in the entire franchise, and that was released way back in 2002.

It’s time to bring back a modernise version of the map and on a newer console like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Or, even better, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

Discussing the trail that some gamers followed with regards to the new title being based around Vice City, one theorist wrote: “Rockstar appear to tease what looks like a map that includes Florida and Mexico in the latest GTA 5 racing DLC’s circuit packs.

“Strengthening the rumours that GTA VI will be set in Vice City (Miami, Florida) and Southern American city/countries. GTA VI(CE) City seems like the title.”

The trail seemingly all started with the new Height of Society DLC race track for ‘GTA Online’.

The track was added as part of the Open Wheel expansion, and it didn’t take long for people to realise that parts of the race track matched up with maps of the Great Lakes, Miami, and Mexico.

Once again we must remember this ISN’T official, but it could be time to get excited!

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