WWE news: CM Punk names the four matches he would return to wrestling for

CM Punk has named four wrestling matches he’d consider returning to the ring for. 

Three would be with current WWE stars, while he also named New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Will Ospreay as a potential opponent. 

Speaking to Swings & Mrs about a potential return, Punk said:

“As far as people that I’ve worked with before, if there was a clean slate, if the money was right, I think a guy like Daniel Bryan, I would go, ‘I would listen to your idea.’

“If you said John Cena, I’d probably listen to your idea. Rey Mysterio, I would listen to your idea. For people I haven’t ever wrestled before, I think Will Ospreay, I would listen to your idea.

“There’s a lot of moving parts. I’m busy doing other stuff and nobody has found the right combination of ways to approach me.

“It’s not all up to me, ladies and gentlemen, it’s up to the people who actually run the company.”

By the sounds of it, Punk is open to a return, whether that be with WWE or elsewhere. 

But he’s still adamant he hasn’t been approached the ‘right way’ yet. We’ve heard that plenty of times before. 

While The Best in the World is teasing a return to the ring, he also caused a bit of controversy on Twitter earlier this week, giving his opinion on WrestleMania 36. 

The Show of Shows is going ahead on April 5 but will air from WWE’s Performance Center in front of no live audience. 

Weird, right? Well, Punk certainly thinks so and he couldn’t resist having a pop at the decision – and Roman Reigns. 

“Well that’s one way to make sure Roman finally gets not booed and nobody chants for meeeeeeee.”

Is he wrong though? It’s hard to argue given what we’ve seen in previous years. 

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