Women's Sport: How poetry can help while you're self-isolating

One way that can help you keep your creativity flowing throughout self-isolation is poetry. I love to write poems on experiences that I have been through, the problems I have faced, as well as things that I am thankful for.

UEFA recently announced that Euro 2020 is to be postponed until 2021. This means that it will clash with the Women’s Euro 2021. The news took me back to when I was a primary school student trying to play football with the boys. Being a girl, I was looked down upon by my peers – I was rarely passed the ball or given a chance. I decided to write a poem about it:

A Little Boys Game

You can’t play,
With girls, we don’t share.
You can’t play,
With girls, we don’t care.

You speak of our differences,
Admittingly, yes – it does sometimes hurt.
But funny enough, you state it with no witnesses,
Making me feel insecure about being born ‘into a skirt’.

Kim Little – she shoots, and she aims,
Waving the captaincy flag high.
With 81 goals in just 98 games,
Yet you still find a way to deny.

Our passion for the game almost has to be a hobby,
But does that make it counterfeit?
The likes of male superiority deem our sport to be snobby,
But it is okay to make us feel like misfits?

So, take your game,
Because we will make our own.
A game not full of shame,
But a game where everyone feels at home.

Share yours with us

Despite most sporting events being cancelled, it doesn’t mean the conversation should be! Tag us in any poems that you have written about sport whilst in self-isolation. Find us on Twitter and Instagram.

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