Exclusive to GMSW - Troy Deeney has an important message this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just days away and with loved ones around the country in self-isolation it is going to be different to usual, as many of us are unable to celebrate with our mums. But Troy Deeney has an idea that we all might have to copy –  showing we care through a poem.

Collaborating with spoken word artist Casey Bailey, the Watford captain recorded a poem dedicated to his “Momsy” Emma. The project is designed to show how we can all get creative to celebrate this Mother’s Day, despite the difficulties faced due to coronavirus.

The heartfelt collaboration sees Deeney chart his relationship with his mum from growing up to scoring at Wembley. He talks about how hard she worked to care for her family, juggling multiple jobs, saying: “When I look at you I know what the meaning of pride is.”

It’s a timely and important reminder to tell our loved ones why we care. In fact, speaking out like this was a first for Deeney, who says of the project: “‘I have never said these things out loud to my mom. Like most men, I’m not good with words and expressing my feelings, but she has influenced me in everything I do.”

Deeney is full of respect and love for his mum. He explains: “From a young age, she showed me what hard work was and how you should never give up. She made me try to be the best version of myself. She is my angel and I wanted to put together this video to articulate what she means to me.”

He adds: “It’s going to be a tough Mother’s Day for many families who can’t be together this weekend so it’s more important than ever that we reach out and tell them that we love them.”

The striker has spoken to GiveMeSport before about his relationship with his mum. He said: “It’s only when I got older that I realised how much of an angel my mum was.”

Deeney explained how she looked after them when his Dad was in and out of jail: “My mum would always shelter us from that, so even when he was away it was like ‘Oh, he’s away at work’. There was always an excuse or something as to why we didn’t know where he was.”

Later after his parents split up he spoke about how his mum was working multiple jobs to care for Deeney and his siblings. He recalled: “From year 7, I kind of helped out at home. I’d miss my tutor and go and get my brother and sister from school, walk them home, feed them, get them ready for when mum came back and then we’d go to my brother’s football. 

“So I kind of lost that bit of childhood. I was always the man of the house from a young age.”

The poem explores the highs and lows of their mother-son relationship with Deeney describing his mum as his “superhero” and someone that has stood by him through everything. With so much uncertainty, let’s all be more like Deeney this Mother’s Day and show people we care with extra creativity and love.

Watch the video here 

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