Predicting every result from the postponed 2020 European Championships

  • Kat Lucas

Euro 2020 is off. Say hello to Euro 2021 instead.

The good news coming out of UEFA’s announcement is that with the summer now clear, there’s now a better chance of finishing off the domestic leagues.

But let’s be honest; the international summer being postponed is still pretty devastating.

Now there is no scientific solution to this. We must stress that what follows is nothing more than a bit of fun.

We’ve decided to predict every result that we *could* have had this summer with the aim of working out who would have lifted the trophy, using UEFA’s official fixture plan to decide who plays who in the knockout rounds. 

And since we make the rules, we’re going to have to pick four play-off winners too. We’re going with Iceland, Slovakia, Norway and Kosovo.


Group A: Turkey 1-1 Italy

Group A: Wales 1-0 Switzerland

Group B: Denmark 2-1 Finland

Group B: Belgium 3-0 Russia

Group D: England 1-2 Croatia

Group C: Austria 2-2 Iceland

Group C: Netherlands 2-0 Ukraine 

Group D: Norway 2-1 Czech Republic 

Group E: Poland 2-0 Slovakia 

Group E: Spain 2-0 Sweden 

Group F: Kosovo 0-3 Portugal 

Group F: France 2-1 Germany 

Summary: We kick things off with wins for holders Portugal, France and Belgium. All the big guns are firing on all cylinders right away, but there’s no revenge for England as they suffer another defeat to their World Cup conquerors Croatia.


Group B: Finland 0-2 Russia 

Group A: Turkey 1-2 Wales

Group A: Italy 2-0 Switzerland 

Group C: Ukraine 0-0 Iceland 

Group B: Denmark 1-3 Belgium 

Group C: Netherlands 2-1 Austria 

Group E: Sweden 0-1 Slovakia 

Group D: Croatia 1-1 Czech Republic

Group D: England 2-1 Norway

Group F: Kosovo 1-2 France

Group F: Portugal 2-2 Germany

Group E: Spain 1-0 Poland 

Summary: Erling Haaland isn’t enough to see Norway past England, Italy get their campaign up and running and Germany are still winless in the Group of Death.


Group A: Italy 2-2 Wales 

Group A: Switzerland 0-1 Turkey 

Group C: Iceland 0-3 Netherlands 

Group C: Ukraine 0-2 Austria 

Group B: Russia 2-2 Denmark

Group B: Finland 0-2 Belgium 

Group D: Czech Republic 1-3 England 

Group D: Croatia 2-1 Norway 

Group E: Slovakia 0-2 Spain 

Group E: Sweden 0-2 Poland 

Group F: Germany 3-0 Kosovo

Group F: Portugal 2-3 France 

Summary: We all loved Iceland’s heroics four years ago (well maybe not England fans, but everyone else). This tournament will be hard for them to replicate that and, like Ukraine and Sweden, they’re going to struggle. We’re at least treated to a thriller by Portugal and France, with Les Bleus triumphing.

The top two from each group, plus the four best third-placed teams, will go through. The final groups look like this: 


Wales 7pts +2GT
Italy 5pt +2GD
Turkey 4pt -2GD
Swizerland 0PTS -4GD


Belgium 9PTS +7GD
Denmark 4 PTS -1GD (More goals scored)
Russia 4PTS -1GD
Finland 0PTS -5GD


Netherlands 9PTS +6GD
Austria 4PTS +1GD
Iceland 2PTS -3GD
Ukraine 1PTS -4GD


Croatia 7PTS +2GD
England 6PTS +2GD
Norway 3PTS -1GD
Czech Republic 1PTS -3GD


Spain 9PTS +5GD
Poland 6PTS +3GD
Slovakia 3PTS -3GD
Sweden 0PTS -5GD


France 9PTS 3GD
Germany 4PTS +4GD
Portugal 4PTS 2GD
Kosovo 0PTS -7GD

Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Norway are through. 


Round of 16

1. Italy 1-0 Denmark 
2. Wales 2-1 Austria

3. Netherlands 3-1 Norway
4. Belgium 2-1 Portugal

5. England 2-1 Poland 
6. France 3-0 Russia

7. Croatia 1-3 Germany 
8. Spain 2-0 Turkey

Summary: What a fixture Belgium vs Portugal would be. A lot of pressure is now on Roberto Martinez’s side to start delivering silverware as the number one ranked side in the world and we back them to take a big step towards that here by sending Cristiano Ronaldo and co. hurtling out. England will be exposed in midfield but have the firepower to edge past Poland and France will have no problems against Russia. 


QF1: France 3-1 England
QF2: Belgium 2-0 Wales

QF3: Italy 1-2 Netherlands
QF4: Spain 1-0 Germany 

Summary: Another impressive run by Wales but it all ends in tears, once again at the hands of Belgium. Germany, meanwhile, still haven’t properly got their act together and continue their transitional phase by bowing out at the quarter-finals.


SF1: France 1-2 Belgium 

SF2: Spain 2-0 Netherlands 

Summary: Now it gets interesting. That Dutch defensive powerhouse of Virgil van Dijk and Matthijs De Ligt finally succumb to an astute Spanish onslaught. France, finalists in 2016, cannot stem the flow of Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Dries Mertens. 


Spain 1-2 Belgium 

Sometimes, the world’s best nation don’t actually come out on top in the major tournaments. This won’t be one of those occasions as the Red Devils’ Golden Generation are finally rewarded for a decade of grassroots investment and quality development to transform their national side into European masters.

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