The PS5 will be able to load games 100 times faster than the PS4 could

March 18 was the first real look into the specs of Sony’s upcoming console, the predecessor to the PS4, the PS5 via live stream hosted by PlayStation’s lead system architect, Mark Cerny.

This initial look into the new console didn’t give away anything in terms of aesthetic or even what the controllers will look like regarding their relatively big change from the PS3 to PS4 controllers.

However, fans were given an insight into the most important thing about the console and what makes all your favourite games run.

It is hard to compare the current-gen with the specs of the upcoming console because, to be honest, it isn’t really fair on the PS4. The PS5 will be able to load games 100x faster than what is currently possible with the PS4.

A major feature that was already known in advance to this live stream was that PS5 is switching from a mechanical internal hard drive storage to high-speed SSD storage.

An example of how quick this change will be is that the PS4 on average would be able to load 1GB of data in around 20 seconds. The PS5 will be able to load 2GB in just a quarter of the second.

One other major reveal from this was that Cerny confirmed that there will be backwards compatibility with PS4 games being made available to play on the new PS5.

However, the rumour of previous generations games such as PS3 games remains just a rumour as this wasn’t included in the confirmation of backwards compatibility.

The main takeaway from this is that loading screens will most likely be a thing of the past thanks to the switch in storage made by PlayStation.

We will just have to wait just a little bit longer to see how this new console will look.

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