Premier League: Every 2020/21 jersey design that has been leaked so far

  • Kobe Tong

The 2020/21 Premier League season will start eventually.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading across the world, England’s top flight has taken a back seat and the current campaign could bleed into when its successor was due to start.

However, you can guarantee that the world’s resilience will ensure that the sporting world returns one day or another and we’ll be able to leave the tumult of the 2019/20 campaign behind.

And one of the most exciting things that comes hand-in-hand with a new season is the release of the latest home, away and now third jerseys for each of the Premier League sides.

Even if you don’t spend a near fortune on buying one for yourself, it’s always intriguing to see which designs your team will be sporting for the next year of competition.

2020/21 jerseys

It could become an iconic strip that’s forever associated with a dramatic moment or it could be a fashion catastrophe that features in the annuls of the worst kits in history for years to come.

And although the 2020/21 season could still be months upon months away, information has already started to leak about which colours, designs and textures certain clubs will be wearing.

So, we’ve decided to compile all the leaks so far in one place, courtesy of the brilliant team at FootyHeadlines who are second to none when it comes to kit information ahead of time. 

Premier League leaks

Sadly, there isn’t information on every kit for every team at the moment and many of the leaks are simply the rough concept, but you can get ahead of the game by checking out the snaps below:



After their wildly successful home kit this season, Adidas are set to push the boat out a little more this time around and introduce a darker shade of red to the traditional red body and white sleeves.

This will come in the form of subtle texturing that resembles upward arrows with the darker red paying homage to the iconic 2005-06 home jersey. A golden cannon will feature on the back neck.


All we know about this jersey is that it will predominately be ‘cloudy white’, which is the extremely light grey hue used on Adidas X 99.1 boots. It could be combined with light blue details.


This colour scheme, known as ‘Legend Marine / Light Flash Orange’, could be controversial. The main body will be dark navy, while the club badge and sponsor are set to be a striking light orange.

Adidas’ iconic three stripes will feature on the sides of the shirt.



Largely ‘cobalt tint’, Nike have gone for a very clean-looking jersey that will feature ‘blackened blue’ shades to the logos and a subtle all-over texture that features light grey and navy diagonal lines.

The Blues had a very similar colour scheme for their 2018/19 third jersey, but it emotes the iconic 2005-06 away design from Umbro even better. One of the most promising leaks so far.


Oh dear god. This design has made plenty of headlines for essentially looking like a Crystal Palace jersey and worryingly for Chelsea fans, this is one of the most substantiated leaks we’ve seen.

The collar does seem pretty smart in fairness and the ‘3’ logo isn’t as intrusive as you might imagine, but something looks so strange about a Chelsea jersey with red-pinkish and blue stripes.


General information

There’s no leaks on Everton’s kits for next season quite yet, but it’s highly rumoured that the Toffees will be swapping Umbro for Hummel and you can check out some fan-made concept jerseys below.



Nike are set to continue the recent theme of dark red home jerseys at Anfield, but are planning to emote the club badge more by incorporating white and teal into the collars and sleeves.


Another shirt to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. This garish colour scheme of ‘hyper turquoise’ combined with black details and a crazy all-over graphic makes this highly unlikeable.


Again, there’s been so much excitement about Nike taking over from New Balance, but this third jersey also indicates they might have pushed the boat out too far for the away and third jerseys.

Although the checker design of black and grey isn’t particularly offensive, marrying it with a neon pink for the club badge and logo makes it a bizarre and surely decisive colour match-up.

Manchester City


Part of Puma’s ‘Crafted from culture’ initiative, City’s next home jersey is due to emote Ancient Rome by taking on a highly unique mosaic texture of the classic sky blue and white colours.

The mosaic design will also tip its hat to the artwork found across Manchester for icons like Vimto, Factory Records, Oasis, Rolls Royce, the Sex Pistols and Colin Bell. The back will be plain blue.


Little is know about City’s away jersey at this point, particularly what design and texture will be used, but the colour scheme will use pitch black and ‘dark denim’, which is a darker shade of blue.


Now this could be TERRIBLE. The colour mixture of ‘Whisper-White’ & Peacoat doesn’t sound particularly awful, which means beige and navy to you and I, but the texturing sounds horrific.

Puma are set to pay tribute to Manchester’s music scene by incorporating different ‘Paisley floral patterns’, creating an incredibly loud graphic that you’d expect from your grandparents’ curtains.

Manchester United


Of course, Adidas are largely using red for the main body, although they’re swapping their logo from black to white, and the texturing could see a very bold design based on a club football.

This would mean ‘paintbrush’ stripes of various sizes in yellow and black. However, FootyHeadlines disclaim that this is unconfirmed at the moment and could be subject to change.


United’s away jersey will predominately be ‘legacy green’, which is the shade of the Predator boot from the Adidas Encryption pack, and will be accompanied by classic Adidas stripes in black.

It’s disputed at this early stage whether the logo and club badge will either be orange or white.


All the information we have to go on with United’s third strip is that it will feature a ‘dazzle camo’ design, which graphic designer Piłkarski Leniwiec has interpreted as something like this: 

Newcastle United


Strangely, Newcastle seem to be taking cue from the City third kit that was so widely panned this season, inheriting its ‘fizzy yellow’ shade and combining it with a dark navy called ‘peacot’.

Tottenham Hotspur


Oh baby, this might be the best kit leak of the bunch. Nike are finally mixing things up with their Spurs home strips by using a navy and yellow trim that looks so smart on the collar and sleeves.

Combine that with a subtle pattern print on the classic Tottenham white and lateral zig-zag stripes on the sides for one of the most unique jerseys due for release, and all the better for it.


With a ‘pro green’ colour for the main body and ‘barely volt’ for the logos and trim, this would technically be Tottenham’s first green jersey after coming close with their 2018/19 third kit.

It has also been touted that a geometrical camouflage design that can be seen on caps and jackets in the club store could serve as inspiration for this jersey.


Very, very smart. Nike are set to use a bright yellow colour, complimented with navy around the sleeves and collar with a central badge and logo stacked on top of one another. 

Plenty more information to come

It’s interesting how so many of the jerseys are based on designs already used on different pieces of merchandise at those respective clubs.

However, it’s perhaps less shocking that the designs that have been drawn up the further in advance are those for the top six, who will be shifting the greatest number of units later this year.

The jury is still out on some of these strips until the full concept images are revealed, although the early signs aren’t promising for the City and Chelsea third kits amongst others. 

So, strap yourselves in for the announcements that are bound to come over the 2020, but let these sneak peeks give you a rough idea about which kits, if any, you’ll be parting with cash for.

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