Felipe Melo: Lionel Messi is a more complete player than Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo, the eternal debate.

It’s one that will never have a definitive answer, only a collection of arguments for each player’s greatness and questionable attempts from ‘fan boys’ to shoot the other party down.

With professional football currently taking what could be a lengthy sabbatical, it’s highly likely the debate surrounding the two players will be popping up all over the place.

Well, Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo has already got the ball rolling by declaring his admiration for Messi, a player he has attempted to foil on numerous occasions.

The former Juventus hardman is actually adamant the the Argentine is the greatest player to have ever kicked a ball and Melo admitted that he resorted to kicking Messi during a game in order to try and stop him.

“He’s [Messi] a unique player,” Felipe Melo told Clarin, per Marca. “When Brazil played against him we used to say ‘we have to kick him once each, we have to rotate’.

“If we didn’t, it was too difficult to mark him. We didn’t want to break him, just to cut his rhythm and to disturb him – it was tactical.”

Don’t worry, Felipe, many have tried that tactic down the line and failed.

But why does the Brazilian rate the Argentine ahead of his eternal enemy, Ronaldo? Like with most, it’s the Barcelona man’s ability to operate as an elite playmaker, as well as score goals for fun.

“Messi is incredible, more so than Cristiano Ronaldo,” the Brazilian added. “Cristiano can score five goals for you, but Messi can score those five and then make his teammates score as well. He’s more complete.”

Ronaldo has scored five goals in one game on two separate occasions, while Messi has only achieved the feat once.

But over the course of both their careers, Messi currently has 70 more assists to his name. Looks like Melo’s opinion is supported by the stats!

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