Quarantined man in France runs entire marathon on his balcony


No doubt everyone has been glued to the news over the past seven days or so, and no doubt everyone is starting to plan for life in lockdown.

However, one man has taken quarantined life to the next level, and that man is Elisha Nochomovitz.

Now on the surface, the majority of the world won't recognise a guy by the name of Elisha Nochomovitz, but that is all about to change after he's recently gone viral for completing an entire marathon on his apartment balcony.

Yes, you did read that right. Nochomovitz has completed an entire marathon, which equates to 26.2 miles if you weren't already aware, whilst in quarantine on his apartment balcony.

The heroic runner is located in France, and just like other countries, they are currently suffering majorly from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has seen governments recommend individuals to stay indoors and self isolate so that the virus can stop spreading.

Seemingly not okay with just sitting indoors and becoming a couch potato for who knows how long, Nochomovitz decided to take to his apartment balcony and complete a marathon, which he did in the respectable time of six hours and 48 minutes.

Of course, it's a bit trickier, you'd imagine, than a normal marathon, as there's not as much space to run and you have to keep turning back on yourself and turning back around, so to do it in under seven hours and to have the mental strength to actually do it in the first place is truly inspirational.

It's believed he completed 6,000 laps on his balcony which got him to the finish line, and he's recently spoken out about his impressive achievement.


In an interview with HuffPost France, the restaurant worker said: "I wanted to bring something playful to the containment. I saw pictures of people going out of their homes for jogging.

"But if everyone does the same, we will all end up outside. Part of my goal was to kill as much time as possible."

Elisha Nochomovitz, we salute you!

What a fantastic idea to keep yourself fit and healthy, not only physically, but mentally. 

These are tough times for everyone around the globe, and with no end date in sight, more people should start doing crazy challenges to keep themselves fit an active like Nochomovitz.

Who knows, maybe you could complete your own marathon in the comfort of your own home?

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