WWE news: A 'majority' of WWE superstars reportedly don't want WrestleMania 36 to go ahead

We are in unprecedented times in the world of sport, as due to the coronavirus pandemic, many institutions have been shut down.

Popular sports such as basketball, football and many more have been forced to postpone their seasons due to the rapidly-spreading illness.

But there is one thing that is ploughing on through the tough times at least – and that is wrestling.

It’s not just WWE that insist that the show must go on behind closed doors and under big restrictions, but also All Elite Wrestling went live from Jacksonville with no crowd in attendance this past Wednesday.

It may not feel the same with no crowd reactions, but in a time where there is hardly anything entertaining on our screens, WWE and AEW are providing us with something different, for which they have to be commended for.

The most surprising news though of the last week was that WrestleMania 36 is going ahead behind closed doors instead of being postponed.

Many were getting used to the idea of a Summer-time Mania, but not wanting to disrupt the equilibrium, Vince McMahon has ordered things to continue.

You’d be forgiven for thinking all is well behind the scenes and that superstars are looking forward to it – after all there has obviously been no negative public reactions from wrestlers in the company.

The reliable WrestleVotes though are painting a different perception.

A tweet from the account yesterday stated that a ‘majority’ of active WWE talent are still hoping that things will change and that WrestleMania will end up being postponed until things get back to normal.

And you can’t really blame them for wanting that – as a WrestleMania with none of the WWE Universe watching it live will sure be strange.

The show could be a crowning moment for Drew McIntyre, but if he does dethrone Brock Lesnar, he won’t be able to share his joy with the fans.

The general consensus is that it would be beneficial for everyone to wait a number of months in order to let WrestleMania happen – but it’s not going to go down like that.

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