Call of Duty fan visits Chernobyl and finds exact ‘Warzone’ location

‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ has gone down an absolute treat with fans in its first fortnight of release, as it seems like publisher Activision have really hit the nail on the head with their newest addition to the series.

The map is always one of the most important things in a Battle Royale mode as a good map with exciting and different locations can attract players to spend hours on the game.

This is something ‘Call of Duty’ have got spot on.

The map, which is better known as ‘Verdansk’ in the game, is full of new and also classic ‘Modern Warfare’ locations. This was perhaps to be expected as we’ve already seen the return of fan-favourite maps ‘Rust’ and ‘Shipment’ on the game’s standard online multiplayer.

In ‘Verdansk’, there are a few recognisable locations for the avid ‘Call of Duty’ player, locations like the original ‘Modern Warfare’ map ‘Broadcast’ is now under the new alias of ‘TV Station’ and ‘Airport’ is an adaptation of the ‘Modern Warfare 2’ map ‘Terminal.’

However, one Reddit user u/lukegiant discovered something quite incredible.

Whilst playing ‘Warzone’ he noticed an area in the map that’s from the famous mission in the original ‘Modern Warfare’ based in Chernobyl. What he didn’t expect to find, though, was that one of the locations is identical to its real-life counterpart.

“I visited Chernobyl a few weeks ago and found the empty dive pool. Today I found the exact same pool in Warzone. Even the outside of the building is the same. I have more pics of the area if anyone is interested,” the user posted in r/CODWarzone.

The Reddit user discovered that the abandoned indoor swimming pool in the game was almost identical to the pool in Chernobyl, and upon inspection of the images side by side, the attention to detail is amazing.

From the diving platform and the window behind it, to the elevated walkway to the right and even the colour that creates such an eery atmosphere is spot on.

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