EA Sports slashes price of Sims 4 by 75% due to coronavirus

The coronavirus has hit hard these past couple of weeks, with many people now stuck in self-isolation for two weeks.

But fear not, EA have sorted your isolation entertainment fears.

You might not be able to go outside for two weeks, but at least you can start a new family?

Don’t worry there isn’t a massive need for repopulation, things haven’t got that bad just yet, but what you can do is start a new family on Sims 4.

Publisher EA have brought their spring sale on board a little earlier due to the coronavirus update, quite clever thinking when people are stuck inside for two weeks looking for something to do. The sale has slashed the price of Sims 4 by three quarters, meaning the life simulation game is now available from just £11.24.

This means that whilst you’re stuck inside, at least you can bring the outdoor fun inside; all be it virtually.

You can enjoy all of life’s thrills like being visited by the Grim Reaper, accidentally setting the house on fire, or trapping unaware sims in swimming pools.

Star Wars fans may also be excited to find that the meme that is Baby Yoda has also been introduced into the game.

The character from the Disney+ live action series ‘The Mandalorian’ became a popular meme across social media and you can now add him into your home thanks to the game’s latest update.

If you wish to add Baby Yoda to your Sims home, he is accessible through searching the games build/buy mode under sculptures or by searching ‘Baby Yoda.’

Upon doing this, you will find the little guy under his official title ‘The Child Statue’ along with the caption: ‘This statue is a lovable replica inspired by the Disney+ live action series, The Mandalorian.’

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