55% of football fans would rather see Leeds get promoted than Liverpool win the Premier League

Liverpool FC v Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg

There has never been a season quite like this current one, has there?

With Liverpool roaring into the sunset on their way to a first league title, everything, and we mean everything, has been thrown into chaos by the unprecedented outbreak of the coronavirus.

The Premier League has been postponed while UEFA has followed suit with the Champions League, Europa League and the summer’s carnival of football, the European Championships, being put on hold.

No one seems to know quite what is going on and the biggest question on everyone’s lips is whether the current domestic season is going to be allowed to run its course.

Naturally, Liverpool fans will be desperate to see 2019/20 finished as they are tantalisingly close to finally clinching a first domestic title in 30 long years. However, they won’t be the only set of fans hoping the authorities can find a way to complete the season.

Leeds fans will also be sending many a prayer skyward as they hunt down a return to the promised land of English football.

After 37 games in the Championship, they sit proudly atop the standings and, until the season was postponed, looked absolute shoo-ins for automatic promotion.

Marcelo Bielsa’s men had built-up up a real head of steam as well, winning five games on the spin before the virus descended.

So, here at GiveMeSport, we decided to have a bit of fun by playing a bit of the old classic, ‘Would you rather’.

In a poll on Facebook, we asked fans to vote as to whether they would rather have Liverpool win the league, or see Leeds promoted - should the domestic season be called off at this point.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the tally fell in favour of the Championship high-flyers with 55% of the 139,000 voters claiming they’d rather see Leeds promoted.

Now we understand that the two go hand in hand - were one to happen the other would surely have to as well.

It was just a bit of fun but it is certainly interesting to see that fans feel a Leeds promotion would be the lesser of two evils, per se.

We just hope that these are questions that don’t need answering in reality though and that somehow, the authorities manage to find a way to complete the season.

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