WWE news: The Undertaker has appeared in a PSA urging people to 'save the Tigers'

If someone asked you five years ago which WWE superstar is the last one you’d expect to see on social media, the chances are that the unanimous answer would be The Undertaker.

The Demon of Death Valley’s character has been protected over the years, ever since he returned in 2004 as ‘The Deadman’ instead of his biker self.

But in the last few years, his life of secrecy has been stripped away bit-by-bit.

As all superstars do nowadays, Taker created his own Twitter page in late 2018, which he rarely posts on, but most recently scalded WWE on it for not including his wife Michelle McCool in their gallery of historic women.

In addition to Twitter, Taker also uses Instagram, creating that in May 2018 and he’s posted several out of character snaps on there – including with Post Malone – and he’s even advertised meal preparation services on there!

It’s a crazy world indeed nowadays, and just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder and stranger, Taker has recently become the face of a new Public Service Announcement.

In the clip, Taker and McCool explain that we could ‘save the world’ if we all help save Tigers from extinction, and that no-one will ‘Rest In Peace’ if they don’t help – because the script-writer just HAD to get a character reference in there!

The legendary wrestling couple were helping to raise awareness for the Rare Species Fund, and the animals in the video are located at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina.

Dr. Bhagavan Antle posted more clips of Taker’s visit to the reserve and the animals there really are special!

It’s all clearly for a good cause, but it will still be a strange sight to some to see Taker breaking character so many times in the 21st century.

What Taker will do outside of WWE next is anyone’s guess, but he may have a career in acting judging by his delivery in this video!

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