WWE news: Remembering The Big Show losing his cool with Tough Enough contestant

  • Alex Batt

WWE Tough Enough was a must-watch TV show back in the day for all wrestling fans.

Not only did it highlight just how gruelling it is to become a WWE superstar, it also showed just how far people would go to get that illustrious contract.

Thanks to its entertaining nature, Tough Enough provided us with some great moments throughout the year, and none more so than back in 2004 and during season four of the series.

Season four is one of the most memorable versions of Tough Enough, and that’s mainly due to the success it had of finding some hidden gems. Both The Miz and Ryback came from this series, and although it ended sourly in WWE for the latter, he still went and main evented pay-per-views along the way.

We all know just how successful The Miz has been ever since graduating from Tough Enough school. Multiple championship runs, headlining WrestleMania, and undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer. His career has been remarkable, and he was part of a truly eventful season four.

Another man that came from season four was Daniel Rodimer.

If you don’t know the name or don’t even remember the name, that’s fair enough, but you may remember one very memorable moment he was involved in during season four.

All the Tough Enough contestants were in the ring and instructed by Al Snow to cut a promo; doing as they are told, they all did just that.

Then, moments later, down to the ring comes 500lbs and 7ft tall The Big Show.

Big Show then checked out the crop of talent before taking a fancy to Rodimer. The next thing you know, Big Show swipes at him, only to miss thanks to Rodimer’s quick reactions.

What followed was a body slam challenge, where Big Show would deliver a slam to each of the contestants.

Before Rodimer’s the two shared a very intense stare-off, which then led to Show delivering the body slam and a vicious knee to the chest just for good measure.

Remember, this is when Big Show was his full 500lbs, so that had to hurt!

Whatever happened to Daniel Rodimer in WWE we hear you ask? Well, sadly, not a lot!

He received a developmental contract in 2006, but was released just one year later. 

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