25 of the best sporting documentaries to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime

The coronavirus pandemic means all of us will be spending a considerable amount of time indoors for the foreseeable future.

With no live sport to pass the time, we will all be turning to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime to provide entertainment.

But don’t worry, both services have a plethora of exciting sports documentaries to fill the void for the time being.

In case you don’t want to browse through the menus searching, we here at GIVEMESPORT have got you covered so all you need to do is type into the search bar rather than scroll aimlessly.

Below, we’ve provided 25 must-watch sporting documentaries on both Netflix and Amazon Prime. Once you’re done with this lot, you’ll not only be a sporting brainiac – you’ll be a pub quiz guru!

Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Netflix)

Think F1 is just a long, dull race where Lewis Hamilton ends up as the winner? Think again.

This gripping series delves into the ups and downs of all the drivers as they battle turmoil throughout the season. Gripping doesn’t do it justice.

Ronaldo (Netflix)

We’ve all got an image of Cristiano Ronaldo in our head. A selfish, vain and immensely driven individual that only cares about succeeding in football.

This feature shows a new side to the Portuguese legend, albeit one that still does around 10,000 sit ups a day and boasts about his car collection!

Le K Benzema (Netflix)

Real Madrid’s French striker has had to contend with a lot of controversy in his career and this doc sees Benzema open up about the accusations that saw him banned from the French national team.

A very, very good watch.

Rooney: The man behind the goals (Netflix)

A behind-the-scenes look at one of the most talked about footballers of his generation.

The doc also follows Wayne Rooney’s quest to break Sir Bobby Charlton’s scoring record for England, a feat he eventually achieved.

Losers (Netflix)

Forget winners, we want to know about those who have to cope with defeat. From a hapless football club to a heavyweight boxer being knocked down, the stories in this series are weirdly inspirational.

The Torquay United episode is absolutely marvellous.

Counterpunch (Netflix)

A dark, hard-hitting series focusing on three boxers: A prospect, a professional and an amateur. From highs all the way to rock bottom, Counterpunch shows the unseen of a brutal sport.

Some of boxing’s most iconic stars – including Oscar De La Hoya – offer their insight and it’s just damn good television.

Icarus (Netflix)

This Oscar-winning documentary explores the murky story of the Russian doping scandal and it’s certainly a thriller.

Dirty urine, unexplained deaths and more is covered in Bryan Fogel’s ‘accidental exposure’ of scarcely believable sporting corruption.

Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets of Success (Netflix)

What better way to spend your free time than picking up some managerial tips from the greatest there has ever been?

Who knows where Ferguson’s knowledge can take you!

Sunderland ‘Til I Die (Netflix)

So many sports documentaries capture success, but this one really was the opposite.

The Black Cats’ demise from the Championship to League One amidst growing fan unrest is eye-opening for football supporters across the UK who enjoy more success than failure. Series two drops on April 1!

All or Nothing: Manchester City (Amazon Prime)

Man City’s centurion season will never be forgotten and the Amazon cameras were there to capture how it all unfolded behind-the-scenes.

The main thing you will takeaway from the series, though is how much Pep Guardiola swears. The guy is just Box Office!

All or Nothing: Brazil National Team (Amazon Prime)

Brazil’s success at the 2019 Copa America certainly wasn’t achieved easily.

From suspect preparation, lack of fan morale and an injury to Neymar, the Selecao on camera provides a stern look at the elite mentality needed to cope in international football.

The Test (Amazon Prime)

Not a big fan of cricket? Well, with self-isolation the name of the game right now, educating yourself on the sport could be a fun way to pass the time.

The Test follows the fall and rise of the Australian national team, from ball-tampering all the way to Ashes victory. England fans may even find themselves feeling sympathetic towards Steve Smith and David Warner!

Tyson (Amazon Prime)

An inside look at one of the most controversial sports stars of all-time, all through the legendary boxer’s own honest words.

From his tough childhood to dominating heavyweight boxing, Mike Tyson’s story is unlike any other.

Class of ’92 (Amazon Prime)

There really is nothing better than watching a group of English lads burst onto the scene and dominate football with Britpop blaring out in the background.

Relive that Bayern Munich comeback and learn of some great personal stories from David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and co.

All or Nothing: The All Blacks (Amazon Prime)

Everyone knows that the All Blacks are one of the greatest teams in the history of all sport and this doc gives a great insight into how they’ve forged their elite mentality.

From brutal training regimes to dominant displays across the world, the cameras catch it all.

Senna (Amazon Prime)

If Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ has sparked your interest in F1 then you simply need to watch the story of arguably the greatest driver of all-time, Ayrton Senna.

His rivalry with Alain Prost transcended the sport and his tragic death was a watershed moment which saw F1’s safety regulations questioned.

Becoming Zlatan (Amazon Prime)

A coming-of-age documentary about one of football’s true mavericks.

From his debut at Malmo, conflicts at Ajax and an eventual breakthrough at Juventus, Zlatan’s story is unsurprisingly a cracking one.

One Night in Turin (Amazon Prime)

You’ve probably heard your dad wax lyrical about Italia ’90 ever since you can remember.

It was pretty awesome and this film covers all the bases in what was one of the greatest years for the England national team. Paul Gascoigne in tears still gets us.

Take The Ball, Pass The Ball (Amazon Prime)

Remember that great Barcelona team under Guardiola? Of course you do. Well, get ready to take a journey with that team once again, with all the stars – including Lionel Messi – offering their insight into that period of success.

Guardiola’s on-screen entrance right at the end will give you goosebumps!

Andy Murray: Resurfacing (Amazon Prime)

You honestly will not see a more down to earth sporting documentary. Murray’s injury woes are captured absolutely perfectly here and you just can’t help but fall in love with the Scot.

Watching a professional sportsman be completely broken by injury is hard but necessary watching.

The Real Sergio Ramos (Amazon Prime)

Unless you’re a Liverpool fan or Mohamed Salah, this is another must-watch. The life of Real Madrid’s enigmatic captain is one that needed to be recorded on camera.

The series actually captures Ramos during one of Real Madrid’s worst seasons in memory, making the footage even better!

This is Football (Amazon Prime)

Six different, unique stories on the impact football has across the globe.

From the streets of Delhi to post-war Rwanda, this six-part series shows just how important the sport is for some. The mercurial Messi has his own episode as well.

Death of a Gentleman (Amazon Prime)

If ‘The Test’ wasn’t enough to appease your appetite for cricket, this might do the trick.

Two cricket fans embark on a journey to document the decline in test cricket and the obsession with T20. The ICC don’t come across very well in this powerful flick.

Fire in Babylon (Amazon Prime)

Still got cricket fever? Good, because we’ve saved the best until last. West Indies’ record-breaking team in the 1970’s and 1980’s is a tale of sporting brilliance standing up to racism.

The Caribbean side earned the respect and admiration of cricket fans worldwide and – even more remarkably – all their opposing teams.

Make Us Dream (Amazon Prime)

The highs of Istanbul, the conflict about possibly leaving his boyhood club and the agony of missing out on the Premier League title – Gerrard’s career was a serious rollercoaster ride.

Documentaries don’t come much better for Liverpool fans and even for those of you who detest the Reds; you need to see this!

So there we have it, hours upon hours of entertainment – self-isolation just got a whole lot better!

Just make sure to take regular breaks from the screen, for the sake of your eyes…

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