WWE news: Jeff Hardy has confirmed that his 'No More Words' theme song is making a comeback

For the first time in many years, Jeff Hardy is going to be in a different promotion to his brother Matt.

After departing WWE a couple of weeks ago, Broken Matt has ended up in All Elite Wrestling as expected, making his triumphant debut this past Wednesday.

They tagged together and feuded with each other for years in WWE, but they were re-united in TNA Wrestling in 2010, and then again in 2014.

Their WWE return in 2017 saw them have several little runs together, but injuries to Jeff meant that they didn’t last as long as they should’ve done, despite winning the Tag Team Championships on both Raw and SmackDown.

Even though they’ve been split up in their recent WWE spell, Jeff is now forced to be a singles star now he’s recovered from his recent knee surgery and very public misdemeanours, and he made his return last week with a victory over King Corbin.

Whilst Jeff has been using the O.G. Hardy Boyz theme in recent years, there’s one song that he’s longed to return as his theme – and that is No More Words.

Produced by EndeverafteR in 2008, Hardy adopted No More Words as his own theme song and it proved to be very popular.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Jeff was asked whether or not it could make a return, and he was informed by a fan that WWE owned the rights to it, and that he hoped it would make a comeback as it would help motivate him.

And it finally looks like Jeff has been given his wish – as he confirmed on The Bump earlier today that No More Words is RETURNING!

For people who don’t remember the song, this will give you a good idea.

The fan reaction so far has been overwhelming, but spare a thought for the Celtic Warrior – Sheamus – at this moment.

He wanted to bring back his original theme song when he returned in late 2019, but WWE refused to budge in that instance.

Maybe there’s room to manoeuvre on that front, but for now let’s just look forward to Jeff’s first entrance of 2020 with No More Words when the crowds return to Raw and SmackDown!

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